Top Five Festival Essentials

Festival season is upon us, and now is the time to start getting organised! Before planning what you want to do at the festival, you need to start packing and preparing.

Packing for festivals is exciting but often stressful too. Make sure you don’t forget anything important, as buying things at the festival itself can be expensive. If you’re organised and prepared, you can save money by bringing your own essentials. By investing a little, you can buy festival accessories which will last a long time.

We all know the real essentials of any festival: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, clothes, toilet roll! But what other must-haves can take your festival experience up to the next level?


Eat Better at Festivals with an Outdoor Oven

One of the best ways to save money at a festival is by bringing your own food and cooking equipment. An outdoor oven is essential, and buying one which can make a variety of food makes festival dining much more fun! Long gone are the days of simple disposable BBQ’s and your pot noodle experience. The market has grown so much you can even get an outdoor barbeque and pizza oven to bring to your festival. Pizza, paella, and traditional burgers and sausages are all possible. You can also boil water, so you can have a nice cup of tea or coffee to get you going for a day of festival activities.

Keep Your Festival Feet Dry with Wellington Boots

You can guarantee that it will rain at some point during the festival (especially if the festival which you are going to happens to be Glastonbury). Whether it’s a quick ten-minute shower or three days of pouring rain, it’s important to come prepared. Wellington boots are an essential and even if it’s sunny they are still a sturdy boot to wear to a festival. What’s more, wellington boots can be really stylish.

Snooze Through the Night with SleepPhones

Often getting to sleep at a festival can be difficult. Not only are you sleeping very close to the ground, which isn’t always comfortable, but you’ll have different noises outside. People returning to their tents late, a nearby party which just won’t stop, or perhaps you are dangerously close to the portaloos. If you’re a light sleeper, then SleepPhones are the answer to your woes. Simply plug them into your phone or music device and place the band around your head. A relaxing and comfortable way to drift off to sleep!

Stay in Touch Throughout Festivals with a Mobile Phone Charger

It’s inevitable that your phone will run out of battery at some point during the festival. If you’re using it to contact people, take photos, and as a torch to find your tent, it won’t last more than a day.

Portable mobile phone chargers are ideal for bringing to a festival to keep your phone battery topped up and ready to use. You can now buy chargers which are compact and fast, meaning it’s easy to pack and you don’t need to wait too long before your phone is ready for use.

Keep Your Festival Goodies Safe with a Bum Bag

Bum bags or fanny packs have become increasingly popular, so much so that often you can find a stylish one in a lot of high street shops. They are ideal for festivals as you can carry out all of your essential and valuable items with you. You don’t have to worry about the weight of a cross body bag on your shoulder or the possibility of getting a having a white line if you catch the sun! There is an array of different colours, sizes and designs on the market. This faux suede bum bag brings both fashion and practicality together. Keep your valuables safely with you and not in your tent while you’re out for the day.

Helen Anglin is a freelance writer and travel blogger originally from Bristol in the UK. She loves live music, theatre, and travelling, eager to discover more of the world!

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