Every day social media is jam-packed with the latest influx of the DIY-barbering pictures sweeping the nation – some impressively successful and others… less so! With more gents tackling at-home grooming than ever before, Remington Session Stylist, Kieran Tudor, gives his top tips for a tidy up any pro would be proud of.


Battling the Beard

When preparing to tackle an overgrown beard, Kieran recommends arming yourself with a Multi-Grooming Kit like the G5 Graphite Series from Remington, saying: “Finding a trimmer with a number of attachments, like Remington’s G5 Graphite Series Multi-Grooming Kit, is a great way to save space in your washbag. You can create up to 14 ultimate grooming styles and the 90-minute cordless run time means you can also sort your head and facial hair in one go without having to wait for another charge!”

  1. A quick-fire way to a neater look is taking all the beard hair to an even length. This can be achieved by setting the comb attachment to your desired length and working around the face up to around halfway up the ear.
  2. Generally, it’s recommended to trim your beard by going with the grain, but if you’ve got hair growing in different directions you may need to go against the grain. Using your hand to stretch the skin and not pressing too hard also helps with an even length.
  3. To smarten up your look even further, remove the comb attachment and use the trimmer to begin defining the edges of your beard by creating a line along the neck. For strong definition, start your line underneath the chin and follow along the jaw line to the corner below each ear.
  4. Defining your cheekbones with a line that curves from the corner of the lip to your sideburns can also help in adding angles to a rounder-shaped face.  When doing this, try to work up from the line, rather than downwards.
  5. For those looking for an even smoother look, switch to the trimmer’s foil attachment to finish off the cheekbones and neck.


Braving the Barnet

For anyone missing their regular trips to the barber, a reliable clipper is a great tool for those looking for a hand with neatening up their usual style, such as the Heritage Hair Clipper from Remington. To neaten the neckline, an angled mirror such as a bathroom cabinet is always best for a full view of those hard to reach places, but Kieran advises: “A helpful flatmate standing behind you with a mirror is a perfectly adequate alternative!” The Heritage Hair Clipper combines classic design with the latest cutting technology and comes with 11 different length combs, so you can choose the look that is right for you.

  1. To blend the sideburns in with the longer hair above, start with a longer comb and work upwards using a scooping motion. Using a long guard length (such as the #5 or #6), scoop outwards to blend the different hair lengths
  2. Gradually repeat the process, taking care as you scale down the guard lengths as with each shorter length blending the hair becomes trickier.
  3. Remove the guard and using the mirror behind you for a clear view, use the clipper to neaten the neckline.

The G5 Graphite Series Multi-Grooming Kit is available from Amazon (RRP £49.99). The Heritage Hair Clipper is available from Argos (RRP £69.99)



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