Top 5 Most Anticipated Anime Coming Out in 2019!

Anime has many popular shows with rich-history, sub-genres, and meta-genres. Fans consistently argue about which one deserves another season or which one is the best, most creative and enthralling show to spend your time watching. Verge has put together this list of the top 5 most anticipated anime coming out on 2019.

1) My Hero Academia: Season Four

My Hero Academia, Everyone’s favourite class ‘Class 1-A’ is set to return with a fourth season on October 2019, revealed to us in a short teaser trailer. All-Might has a change of direction after using every last bit of his energy in the fight with All For One; the teachers of UA High School finally decide he has to hang up his gloves as the number one hero and become a full-time teacher at the academy. Deku, Bakugo, Toradoki, Uraraku, Momo, Asui, Mina, Lida, Benki, Ejiro, Jiro and the gang continue to get stronger and fully understand their quirks to battle the evil that arises from the shadows!

But while Class 1-A focus on their training to get more powerful and protect the city, there are also others that want to see the complete opposite of a hero’s dream; to see the city collapse into darkness and fear. Those people being the ‘League of Villains’, a villain organisation recruited with the most powerful villains that threaten to eliminate the Hero Society. They act as the main antagonists of the series and first appear during the attack in the training camp. The League of Villains was brought together by All For One (All-Might’s Rival) and is currently lead by Tomura Shigaraski. Will Deku and his friends progress to be the best heroes they can be and will the league of villains finally hatch a plan from the shadows to stop the heroes? All will be revealed in October 2019.

My Hero Academia: Season Four will be released in October 2019 on Funimation and Crunchyroll!

My Hero Academia: Official Season Four Trailer:

2) One Punch Man: Season 2

One-Punch Man, Earth’s strongest hero who can eliminate his enemies with just one punch, is finally ready to return with a long-awaited second season. When it debuted more than three years ago, it drove the anime community mad through. The response to the main character  Saitama and his funny commentary throughout fight scenes plus lounging around waiting for evil to arise kept everyone eager for more. One-Punch Man follows the heroic adventures of Saitama, who was once a normal person just trying to find a job when suddenly he runs into a krab monster who was about out for revenge on a kid for drawing on his chest with permanent marker whilst he slept. At first, Saitama was going to do what he thought was smart, turn the other cheek and pretend he never saw anything, but instead he heroically saved the boy without even thinking leading him to win his first fight. Since that day he trained non-stop which lead him to baldness! Despite the loss of his hair, he still managed to become the strongest superhero on the planet, defeating villains and monsters with only one punch!

Later on, we are introduced to Genos, a nineteen-year-old cyborg who is on a path for justice. When he was fifteen years old, his village was destroyed by a mad cyborg who was a test failure. With him being the only survivor, he was found and saved by Dr Kuseno. After seeing what happened he begged the doctor to rebuild him as a cyborg so he can avenge his family. One day, while fighting the Mosquito Queen, Saitama bumps into Genos while trying to catch a fly. As Genos tells Saitama to evacuate the city, the Mosquito Queen starts to launch her attack on Genos nearly killing him.  As soon as she was going to release her final blow on Genos, Saitama swoops in and defeats the Mosquito Queen and saves the day. Genos, while shocked at his power, requests to be his disciple and learn from him. After having a long think, Saitama takes him on as his mentee and they become good friends. One-Punch Man’s second season is rumoured to promise the return of the first season’s main characters and also some new heroes; for example, Garou who is known as Earth’s strongest fighter and was briefly mentioned near the end of season one!

One Punch Man: Season Two will be coming out on April 9th, 2019 on Netflix!

One Punch Man – Official Season Two Trailer:

3) Fruit Basket (2019)

If you are ready for more of anime shojo, then you’re in luck! At long last, Fruits Basket is getting the remake fans have been waiting for, and it turns out the series will come just in time for Spring. For anime watchers that have not seen the original series, I highly recommend you watch the 2001 anime series before heading int0 the remake- the story revolves around a young high-school girl called Tohru. Sadly Tohru’s mother died in a car accident, so she decides to live with her grandfather for the comfort she needed in her time of need.

With no-one else to turn to and nowhere to go, she begins to live in a tent. She finds a new home which also happens to be her classmate Yuki Soma’s home which he shares with his cousin Shigure. The Soma family suffer from a strange curse, twelve of the family members are possessed by the spirits of the Chinese zodiac. The zodiac animal appears when they are weak, embarrassed or when hugged by the other gender. One by one, Tohru’s existence changes the Soma family’s lives forever.

Fruit Basket (2019) Will Be Released In 2019!

Fruit Basket – Official Trailer:

4) My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU: Season 3

The show that has been on every anime fan’s most-watched list is finally getting its third season! The storyline follows a young boy called Hachiman Hikgaya, a student in Soubu High-school who prefers to be alone during his semester. His teacher sees that he likes to be alone and seeks a way to help him out with his habit by signing him up for the school service club. Hachi doesn’t want to hang out with a girl who is apart of the club and in return neither does she. This results in the teacher assigning them tasks to help people as a part of the service club and sets a challenge on who can help the most people. Will this be his final chapter make more friends?

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU will be released in 2019!

5) Re:ZERO – Starting Life In Another World: Season 2

Re: ZERO fans finally get the news they’ve been waiting to hear for a while as it was announced during Anime Japan 2019, that the series will have a second season which was followed with an exciting trailer on the official website. The story follows a high-school student named Subaru Natsuki, who is on his way home from the convenience store when he gets shoved into a mysterious fantasy world. As he searches for answers on how he got from the convenience store to a brand new world, while walking through the villages and running into trouble, he crosses paths with a silver-haired girl called Emilia who saves him. Returning the favour for her rescue, he offers his help to find a stolen item she had lost. Unfortunately, the journey ends with them facing their deaths until Subaru wakes up being greeted by two maids called Rem and Ram from that tragic moment. He soon discovers that he has a power called ‘Return By Death’ which gives him the ability to have another chance in life. Realizing his discovery, he is determined to help Emilia to find answers with unexpected events coming his way!

Re:ZERO – Life In A Different World From Zero (Season 2) Will Be Released In 2019!

 Official Re:ZERO – Life In A Different World From Zero (Season 2) Trailer:

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