Top 5 apps to get training again!

Wanting to start exercising, or starting again since gradually leaving the lockdown phase, can be a little daunting. You just need to remember to make sure you’re covering the main health ‘bases’, with a little preparation, and that fear should melt away.

For me, these are: Sleep quality/ quantity (Eek!), Movement increase, Energy input & Hydration awareness (Are you really eating and drinking enough to let your body do what it needs to?), Exercise guidance/ Planning.

With this in mind, here are my Top 5 apps; to cover these bases and get aboard the fitness wagon:

  • Nike Run Club – Guided Runs (Little reminders to stop clenching your jaw at strangers, as you attempt to not run like the tin man)
  • Nike Training Club – Pre made exercises to follow if you need a little support/ guidance
  • My Fitness Pal – Food/ Snack/ Hydration diary
  • A form of step count tracker – Use your phone’s inbuilt tracker, Smart Watch, Someone you’ve paid to follow you around and count all day..whatever works to reach your daily movement goal!
  • Sleep Cycle – Set your alarm to wake you up at the best time during your sleep cycle; and start your day feeling rested, energised and ready to go!

Looking for inspiration on exercises, or just want to see how the darn things should look? Visit for a free library of examples!

Psst: Heading into a gym? Spray down and clean your kit after you are done, and put it back where it lives ; this is for your own safety and consideration of others. 


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