top 20 UK emerging hip-hop, grime and R&B artists for 2020 with Soundcharts

Soundcharts, one of the world’s leading music analytics platforms, today reveals its predicted top 20 UK emerging hip-hop, grime and R&B artists which are tipped to break in 2020. Thanks to Soundcharts’ inhouse innovative algorithms, tomorrow’s music trends can be predicted by analysing data from over 2.5 million artists and over 30 million songs, from more than 15 sources.
The list of 20 artists includes: Aitch, Jay1, DigDat, NSG, Russ MB, BandoKay, Digga D, Ms Banks, Poundz, Fredo, K Trap, Swarmz, Hamzaa, M Huncho, Sav’o, Alicai Harley, Deno, Darkoo, SL and Dolapo.
Aitch, a Manchester-based rapper, who tops the list saw his song ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’ reach number one in the Spotify top 200 charts in September. This year, his records have been played on UK radio stations more than 23,000 times – seeing over a 36,000 per cent increase of plays on the previous year. Not only that, but Aitch is growing a fanbase quickly. His social channels have increased by 20 per cent just this month.
Soundcharts has built an emerging hip-hop, grime and R&B artists chart by analysing data from across more than 15 sources recorded over the last six months. These sources of information include YouTube, Deezer, Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, Shazam, Facebook, Twitter and many more, including over 200 UK radio stations. All this has been evaluated to predict the list.
The analysis has taken into consideration the surge in engagement across different platforms for artists, instead of an artist’s growth on a single social media channel or the number of streams achieved on a digital source. Soundcharts’ algorithm can identify up-and-coming talent with far more accuracy than any other single-based platform.
Soundcharts is the one-stop shop for music industry professionals to access all relevant data which offers profound insights that can positively impact an artist’s campaign strategy and support talent discovery. Want to know which songs are being playlisted most, which countries your artist is most popular in, compare artists, audience insight or see social media? Soundcharts can offer this and much more. For more information head to


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