Top 10 Travel Tips For Your Next Holiday

With the summer season ahead of us, thousands will be booking their plane ticket for their dream holiday. The main issue though is the procrastination and worry that follows with packing. Not knowing what to wear, how to organise, or how much causes stress for travellers all over. Luckily, there are so many helpful tricks that will make your packing and travel experience much easier to lead you into your holiday. Here are the top 10 best travel tips!

1.) Pack light

No matter where you’re traveling to or how long you’re expecting to be there, always pack lighter than your originally planned to. One of the best parts about a holiday is the shopping! Bring a big suitcase but pack light to leave room for new clothes that you plan to show off when you return back home.

2.) Roll your clothes 

One of the most helpful tricks to ensure a lighter suitcase with loads of room is rolling your shirts, pants, and other items of clothing. This ensures more space within your suitcase and makes it easier to unpack.

3.) Have a debit or credit card on hand 

The world is evolving and so is your wallet. Cashless restaurants and stores are not a rarity to find no matter where you are located in. Make sure you bring your plastic everywhere you go.

4.) Make a list 

No one likes forgetting their toothbrush or that essential item that you wanted to bring for your trip. Organise a list and check it as many times as needed to make sure nothing is left behind.

5.) Download What’s App 

If you’re planning on leaving the country and don’t want to run out of data, download What’s App to keep in touch with your family and friends at home.

6.) Buy a hanging toilettes bag

You can find these bags anywhere and they are extremely useful and organised. They are meant to hang on the back of the bathroom door, so you can have you toilettes on hand, as well as not use up counter space. They fit perfectly into any suitcase and fit all of your items.

7.) Put liquids in a plastic bag

The worst thing to find in your suitcase after hours of traveling is an exploded bottle of shampoo dripping on your favourite shirt. Place any liquids you plan to travel with in a plastic bag to ensure no spillages.

8.) Look up the weather in advance 

No matter where you’re going, it is important to be appropriately dressed based on the weather. Check your weather app with the location you’re planning on visiting and pack accordingly to the temperature.

9.) Pack sunscreen 

Since it’s summer, it is vital to pack sunscreen to protect your skin. You can never have enough sunscreen and it’s better to be prepared.

10.) Bring a portable charger 

It’s important to make sure your phone is fully charged so you can capture all the best moment of your trip without fear of low battery. A portable charger is a life saver for any trip and will make you the favourite of the group if you’re the only one who remembered to pack one.

Enjoy your holiday by kicking it off organised and prepared for your next adventure.

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