Top 10 Reasons to Visit Taiwan

In-between cycling and taking on the trails, Taiwan has a whole lot to offer.  From Taiwan’s majestic peaks, rolling hills and coastline, there is so much to do on land, sea and air. Whilst Taiwan is a top cycling destination, tourists and the locals are also able to expand their options and experience Taiwan beyond this offer as a cycling paradise.

Here are our top 10 reasons to visit Taiwan and apply to become Taiwan’s UK Cycling Ambassador 2015:

1. Taiwan is well suited for many water activities like snorkeling in Kenting National Park and Little Liuqiu Island, to the pacific islands of Luado and Lanyu where snorkelers are able to get a glimpse of many tropical fish and sea turtles. What is not to love about going to a sandy beach after a morning ride?

2. Going above land and sea – literally. Paragliding is hugely popular and Taiwan has six well known flying cites, each with different seasons.  That makes it possible to paraglide all-year round!

3. Want to challenge yourself by taking on some of Taiwan’s diverse terrain? You can take on a 105 kilometer mountain ascent starting from sea level, finishing at the Hehuan Mountain in Huling at 10,700 feet! Talk about a challenge.

4. If you are looking for something less intense, take on one of Taiwan’s most beautiful cycling paths.  A 19 mile perimeter around Sun Moon Lake offers a relaxing and beautiful cycle which has been named one of the world’s “10 Most Breathtaking Cycling Routes” by CNN Travel.

5. Most cycling paths are vehicle free and are located specifically along scenic locations.

6. Expect friendly locals and great hospitality. Apart from being very welcoming, the Taiwanese have a strong interest in cycling and nothing beats going to a foreign land more than a welcoming public that loves, what you love – cycling!

7. There are so many interesting and scenic destinations. The locations are endless from Sun Moon Lake, the Yuli Bikeway that takes you through the fields of orange daylily blossoms, to the Buddhist monastery of Fo Guang Shan, cycling is truly the best way to see everything.

8. There are over 3,000 kilometers of dedicated bike paths!

9. Again, hitting on the friendly atmosphere, if you are cycling through the capitol of Taipei or in other locations, there are cycling rest areas. Just look for the signs.

10. Last but not least, the Taiwan Cycling Festival! Taiwan’s government is very involved in boosting the cycling culture, development and all around interest in the sport. With such support in their cycling culture, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is searching for a young cycling enthusiast to become an ambassador for Taiwan’s biggest cycling event, the Formosa 900. (will attach link to article describing Formosa 900)

So what do you need to do? Send your application with details about yourself and why you should be a Taiwan Cycling Ambassador and what you will do to promote Taiwan and the Cycling Festival. Either through blog posts to writing articles in University magazines, or even focusing on promoting Taiwan through an on-campus event, bring your creative insight on why you should be an ambassador!

Send your creative application to and tell us why YOU should be the next Taiwan Cycling Ambassador!

Applicants are also asked to attach and fill out the Cycling Application Form- 2015  when submitting your creative application!

DIG-003082_2 114


Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 5.47.00 AMYou are:

Taiwan fan

Love cycling

Are creative and innovative

And like to tell the world about your experiences

We give you:

The chance to discover Taiwan and experience the Taiwan cycling Festival

What you need to do?

Send us your application with details about yourself

Explain why you should be the “Taiwan Cycling Ambassador”

Explain what will you do to promote Taiwan and the Cycling Festival

For information on Taiwan, visit

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