Tom Misch Is Summer

Tom Misch has to be one of the most exciting artists the UK has to offer. His soulful, blissful and beautiful tunes are enough to make every dark winter day as bright as July. He has a new project on it’s way titled ”Geography”, which we think is the perfect way to describe Tom’s sound; sweet tunes that take you all over the world effortlessly. If you enjoy real instruments, stylish vocals, creative and brilliant production then you’ll love this. The album is due to drop this April and we can’t wait- we can’t imagine walking through the hot London streets without him in our playlists. Tom has come a long way since his first Beat Tape and we’re so amazed and grateful to watch him evolve into the young creative genius that he has become, and we’re sure he’ll keep surprising us throughout the years!

You have to check out the latest record he put out called ”Water Baby” featuring Loyle Carner, a duo made in heaven! Tom, we cannot wait for this album!

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