tastecard, the world’s largest diners’ club, has revealed the top dishes Brits would like to see back on restaurant menus when lockdown lifts. As many of us are stuck at home watching re-runs and bingeing on RakutenTV*, home cooking is on the rise, prompting the masses to reminisce about their all-time favourite dishes and which ones they want to see back on restaurant menus.

Set to make a bigger comeback than The Spice Girls is Toad in The Hole, a traditional English meal made up of sausages within Yorkshire pudding batter, which has been voted as the number one dish the country would like to see back on menus after they emerge from lockdown.


Top 10 dishes Brits hope will return to menus:

  1. Toad in the hole
  2. Stew & dumplings
  3. Shepherd’s / Cottage Pie
  4. Chicken kievs
  5. Liver & bacon
  6. Pasta bake
  7. Chicken casserole
  8. Goulash
  9. Quiche
  10. Egg & soldiers


It seems that we’re not ‘star crazy’ [sic] for Stargazy Pie, with 85% of us never having tucked into the traditional Cornish dish made with pilchards and potatoes – guess we’re all ‘Pacifisht’s’ [sic]. 4 out of 5 of us have never tried jellied eels, a dish synonymous with Cockney East London & favoured by the likes of Eastenders’ Danny Dyer – more for you Danny!

With only 15% of millennials having tried tripe & offal, the delicacy is far from popular. ‘Propa’ [sic]Geordies enjoy Pease Pudding but more than one in six Brits have yet to try it. Another not so hot favourite is laverbread, with two out of three of us having never nibbled on the Welsh dish.

Although many would love to return to a time when The Bill was just a hit TV show, not a hole in our bank account, and Sunny D was part of our 5 a day, most admit that they much prefer dishes from their current age than those they enjoyed in their childhood.