Timeless classic “Friends” still a hit according to HBO Max

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While details are a little thin, it appears that hit sitcom “Friends” is still popular with fans after HBO Max revealed it was the most-watched show on the burgeoning platform.

It is always best to take announcements regarding viewership from online streaming platforms with a grain of salt because they always come with claims but never any actual viewership numbers.

However, one thing that is less obscure is the popularity of the sitcom “Friends”. It was genre-defining in its original run from 1994 and 2004 and saw a huge resurgence in popularity when it was re-released on Netflix.

It is so popular, rumours of a possible reunion for season 11 and even a movie concept garner near riotous reactions from fans. Friends-inspired restaurants and wine bars can be found all over the world, like the Friends House in London. And board games like the one Ross invented are still being played by fans.

The show’s influence can even be seen in the iGaming industry, where industry-leading uk casinos like 888 feature the official Friends slot game that allows players to take a trip to Central Perk and reunite with their favourite characters.

So it comes as no surprise that “Friends” is top of the pops on HBO Max, considering its massive impact on popular culture over the years. The streaming service is playing their cards close to their chest, though, in terms of viewership figures.

Despite this, there is reason to believe HBO Max is not on the way to becoming a major player in the streaming service industry. According to app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower, HBO Max was downloaded 87 000 times between the Apple App Store and Google Play on its release day and continues to attract around 16 000 new users every day.

While that pales in comparison to the hundreds of millions of downloads for Netflix and Hulu, it is important to note HBO Max is not an entirely new product and is merely an extension of HBO Now. Together, Sensor Tower estimates they have been downloaded a total of 33 million times. Not bad for an industry disruptor.

The value proposition is solid, even though the $14.99 price tag is more expensive than both Hulu and Netflix. It is still a good deal because it is the same price as a regular HBO subscription but comes with a whole bunch of bonus content. It’s probably also worth noting that it could not cost less because that would violate an agreement between Warner Media, HBO and their cable providers.

Ultimately, it is no surprise that a classic and influential show as timeless as “Friends” is number one on a newly-launched streaming platform. Even though exact figures aren’t available, it appears HBO Max is doing an excellent job of making streaming industry stalwarts look nervously over their shoulders and forcing them to think outside of the box to stay ahead

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