This just in from HTC: British Men Love Selfies

This just in from HTC: British men are posting twice as many selfies as British women.

Yes, you read that right. To all men that shame women taking selfies because their hair looked particularly on point that day, think twice before lifting your shirt in the mirror to take a quick pic of your abs.

To promote Desire, HTC wanted to find the statistics behind the selfie.

They found that British men, aged 18-30, take twice as many selfies as British women, and do so for various reasons. Most related to getting back at an ex or attracting a partner, which kind of gives the selfie a whole new definition and use: the selfie as a mating call.

These men post over a billion selfies a year on various social media sites and 76% of male selfies are of their bodies. The most common body pics by men are of their chest (2o%) and torso (17%).

Conversely, 55% of all female selfies are facial and they do not post nearly as many body shots as men. 1 in 10 UK women aged 18-30 are sharing pictures of their breasts, almost as many have taken pictures of their legs, and 1 in 20 women are taking photos of their derrière.

HTC found that women are most likely to take selfies to share experiences with friends and record memories. Men and Women are equally as likely to take selfies to show themselves off.

Many thanks to HTC for breaking the selfie gender barrier! Maybe now we can all accept that everyone takes selfies and embrace it.


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