Things you could buy for the price of the gold Apple watch

Everyone has heard the hype surrounding the Apple watch, which is due to launch on the 24th April, and we’re sure Apple will live up to the hype as they always do. The watch boasts an incredible super sensitive touch display which can decipher between a harder press and a simple tap, a built in heart rate monitor to check your fitness, and a whole range of apps so you can text, tweet or listen to music straight from your wrist.

Sure, it’s definitely a gadget you’ll ‘want’ rather than ‘need’, but it is still revolutionary in it’s own right. The prices start at a semi affordable £299, and soar to a whopping £13,500 for the gold version.

STYLIGHT has put together an entertaining infographic to show you exactly what you could buy instead of the extortionate gold version. (It turns out, you could actually buy a yacht).




Though the gold Apple Watch is a stunning accessory, we’re pretty sure we’d take the Chanel, or the puppies.

Check out the full infographic on

The Apple watch is available to pre-order today on the Apple website. Head to to order yours.

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