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With holiday photos on social media channels considered the present-day postcard equivalent, travellers are searching for inspiration, individuality and visibility when choosing a destination. Over half of global travellers (51%) reveal they would like to visit somewhere that’s so unique, none of their friends have been there before.

Not only do travellers use social media to impress their friends and family, now more than ever, they seek inspiration for their holiday through social media feeds, photos, travel influencers and apps, all now accessible at the touch of a button.

Over a quarter of travellers (28%)* confess that booking an attractive property is a must, so they can take photos that appear aspirational to their friends, family and followers. Additionally, over a quarter of global travellers (26%)* plan to pick accommodation that is unique, so they position themselves as a trendsetter and stand out from the crowd.

Under Canvas, Utah

Under Canvas Zion, Virgin, Utah

What could be more Instagram friendly than camping in the Wild West, 1860’s style? Gone are the days where camping is seen as a boring trip with your parents! have seen a significant increase in interest for glamourous camping – or glamping – with almost a third of global travellers (31%)* stating that they prefer unique and quirky accommodation while on holiday, such as luxury tents. Indeed, luxury tents are amongst the fastest rising in relative popularity of accommodation types on*, connecting travellers with the great outdoors without having to give up modern luxuries. Under Canvas Zion offers a truly unique experience as it takes travellers back to the period of cowboys, rustic furniture and simple living.

Topas Ecolodge, Vietnam

Topas Ecolodge, Sapa, Sa Pa, Vietnam

Eco Lodges are becoming an ever-popular choice for travellers, and are usually more remote, located in relatively pristine natural environments such as beaches, jungles and mountains. These remote locations allow travellers access to fantastic landscapes and local surroundings – ideal for creating envy-inducing social media content!

Topas Eco Lodge is the only one of its kind in Vietnam and has a perfect location – situated atop two cone formed hills and set deep in the spectacular Sapa valley of Northern Vietnam.  It offers many breath-taking photo opportunities amongst its hidden trails, spectacular scenery, fascinating local culture and people. The main attraction for tourists visiting Sapa is to visit the local communities and villages.

Whitepod, Switzerland

Whitepod, Les Giettes, Switzerland

Pod and Bubble hotels are predicted to grow even more popular this year, as they provide travellers access to full surrounding views of the local landscape, allowing them to witness and absorb themselves in nature first-hand. And what could be more spectacular than seeing the great outdoors from the convenience of your bed?

The magical Whitepod is one of the most beautiful places in the Swiss Alps. Regardless of the season, travellers are surrounded by some of nature’s most photogenic scenes. The property itself has an abundance of photo opportunities, but travellers can get their best shots when engaging in the properties outstanding excursions. Paragliding, cani-rando, mountain biking and hiking make for outstanding Instagram moments.

Riad Goloboy, Morocco

Riad Goloboy, Marrakech, Morocco

Moroccan Riads are unique in the world of accommodation, with character reminiscent of a bygone age, whilst offering comfort that offers modern-day travellers everything they need and expect. Boasting a beautiful central courtyard, authentic interior design and impressive architecture the Riad Goloboy ranks high on the list!

Riad Goloboy is in the famous district of Sidi-Mimoun and offers luxury services and breath-taking views of the Atlas Mountains and the Mamounia gardens. The rooms are distributed on a Moroccan patio of a bright Majorelle blue, which is sure to standout in any photo. Travellers can explore the markets, enjoy a moment of relaxation in the jacuzzi on the terrace, or take have a sunset meal with a view of the Koutoubia Mosque.

Thornbury Castle, UK

Thornbury Castle, Thornbury, UK

If you’re looking to travel back in time to the era of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, then the Thornbury castle will provide you with a historical experience like no other. This castle turned country home offers a range of rooms and décor that sets you back to the 1500’s, perfect for photo opportunities!

Fun Fact: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn slept in one of the bedchambers and walked through the ancient gardens at Thornbury Castle. This property resonates with history and is the only Tudor Castle in England to be opened for public guests. At the castle, travellers will discover atmospheric bedchambers, delicious Sunday lunches, roaring fires and many historic features including suits of armour.

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