The UK’s top 3 most dishonest jobseekers

Unsurprisingly, London came out on top as the most deceitful region of jobseekers with almost half (44%) admitting to tampering with the truth on their CVs. Candidates in the West Midlands as well as those in Yorkshire and Humber also put their hands up to adding fictional tales to résumés. Meanwhile, north of the border jobseekers in Scotland came out as the most honest with a whopping 74% claiming to have never told a lie on a CV.

In the know when it comes to playing the role, Love Island’s Samira Mighty has partnered with JOB TODAY to put together 5 tips for what not to do in a job interview:

  1. Don’t lie on your CV

It will only come back to haunt you! No but honestly, you never quite realise how everyone knows everyone in the industry, so lying about your last job could come back to bite you.


  1. Wear fitting clothes

You want to look smart and fresh for your interview… anything loose could lead to a wardrobe malfunction which is the last thing you need…


  1. If you’re really ill, stay home and chill

No one wants to see you if you’re coughing up a storm or sniffling every five seconds; rearrange the interview and ace it next time.


  1. Present your best self

They’re going to make their mind up on you within the first 3 seconds, so fix up, look sharp.


  1. Do your homework

Do some stalking on social media, check the company Instagram and Twitter accounts to get a feel for who they are!

“Before Love Island I starred in a number of West End musicals, but in between theatre and film work, like every performer, I held a number different of retail jobs, so I know firsthand how tough applying for a job can be.

My overall advice would be to always be yourself on paper and in the interview, otherwise you’ll have a hard time keeping up the pretense,” says Samira Mighty.


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