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This week on The Alternative Sports Show, The SportHeads talk with special guest Hannah Wilkes from Sky Sports NFL. We are so excited to have a dedicated Sky Sports NFL channel for us sports heads that really live and breathe our NFL content and so is Hannah, since the launch on the 3rd of September Hannah says

“There has been nothing else on in my house, it’s so exciting and its great for NFL fans in the UK because now throughout  the season you can just see games 24/7 on 407. I’m loving having Good Morning Football as my 12-3 viewing everyday and plus everything else we do as well on the channel, it’s just redeemed 2020 for me.”  

It has definitely been a bit of a strange year so far, and while it is good to have some familiarity back, it feels odd seeing fans in America in the stadiums, cheering on their teams. Talking about life since lockdown, Hannah said;

“I’m a bit envious of the fans in Dallas, we want that back! But I have to say, with the way they film the games and with the crowd effects, I think they really learned a lot from the premier league over here on how to do it really well. You kind of forget don’t you, I mean they’ve even been booing! Last week, Carson Wenz was being booed by the eagles fans, it feels so real and it’s such a great escape ”

We spoke about her recent interview with Kay Adams, where she admits resisting the urge to fangirl “she’s just so good at what she does, she’s so knowledgeable and she is absolutely brilliant!” Hannah also confessed that “she gave some really good fantasy football tips!  That, I’m not gonna lie, I immediately put into practice this morning, and mixed up my team based on what Kay had said.” Ultimately, Hannah believes that “The only person who cares about your line up is you.” But that doesn’t stop her! 

Hannah has a lot of knowledge when it comes to the NFL and was happy to share with us her theories regarding the seriously high number of injuries in the first two games of the season. 

“My gut reaction, when they were literally dropping like flies on sunday, was this has got to be because of shorten training camps, don’t forget in training camps the first week/ week and a half was all testing and putting protocols in. You know they weren’t doing the sort of build up routine to training camp as they usually would, there were no OTAs or mini camps my thought was this is a combination of training camps and no preseason games.”

When Hannah heard Shannon Sharpe’s statement that Cam Newton is a better fit for The Patriots than Tom Brady, she simply  could not agree:

“I don’t think you can really compare, we have seen two weeks of Cam Newton play for the Patriots,  compared to twenty years of Tom Brady and what I will say is I think Cam Newton looks fantastic. Joshua Daniel and Bill Bertech are really playing to his strengths, if you look at how much they ran the ball especially in week one against the dolphins he barely threw it. 

 I don’t think you can compare at all but for me personally they are probably a little bit more entertaining to watch because I’ve always loved the way Cam Newton plays the game. If Cam Newton plays for them for the next 10 years and they win 4 or 5 Super Bowls or even 1 then we can have that discussion.” 

There were a lot of people who questioned whether Cam Newton would be healthy enough to come back after his previous injury, do you think that could hold him back this season Hannah? 

“I think he proved on Sunday his arm is fine, I don’t know if it was just clever tactics but in week one against The Dolphins, he barely threw the ball. Then on Sunday he threw for almost 400 yards. If you look at how his stats are lining up, yes it’s only two weeks, but he is on track for leveling if not bettering his MVP season which is a very bold statement to make two weeks in and could go completely wrong. I’m not predicting anything, I’m just saying, if you look at the numbers, now i’m not a mathematician, but he is on track for a great season IF he stays healthy IF he keeps it up”  

That is a bold statement to make in the first two weeks, but a lot has happened so far. The most shocking and biggest game for us would be The Falcons VS The Cowboys. Hannah, given everything that happened, do you think Dan Quin still deserves to be head coach of The Falcons? 

“I think Dan Quin is probably in the hot seat, that sort of difference in messaging between him and the owner is always a bit of concern. That said, I think if you look at the nature of the game on sunday The Falcons essentially blew it they scored 39 points they didn’t turn over the ball they are the only team to have done that and lost since records began you do not want to be that team. Some bad game management cost them in week one as well, if I was Dan Quin I’d be nervous,I would be hoping they do better this week. If you are a Falcon’s fan I imagine it is the most frustrating thing in the absolute world, its game management, you’ve got to manage the games better you have to close the game out but that’s why we love the sport because it turns so quickly.” 

Hannah, it has been amazing to have you on the show, you have an incredible knowledge of the NFL so before we sign off we would love to get an MVP and Super Bowl prediction from you! 

“I actually put out a bold statement on twitter pre week one, which was Seattle, Ravens my safe bet would be Saints, Chiefs, but I would rather go bold and be extra smug come February. I had a good feeling about Russell Wilson this year. It’s mind blowing that he has never had a single MVP vote but also Lemar Jackson might be a repeat, I can see him doing two in a row, he hasn’t dropped off.”

You can catch Hannah on the Sky Sports NFL channel 407, every Tuesday from 9am Or find her on Twitter and Instagram @HannahJWilkes


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