47 Skin: The Skin Saviour

The winter months can be very harsh on your skin, and so you definitely need to give it some extra TLC – particularly if you’ve been over indulging during the festive season (no judgement here…)

47 Skin ‘s serums provide the perfect antidote to keeping your skin looking clear, fresh and healthy at all times. The serums contain silver chitosan – a patened mix of chitosan and silver within skincare. These two ingredients work in perfect harmony. The silver provides an antibacterial protective layer over the skin, whilst the chitosan forms a lattice-like framework on which the cells can rejuvenate. This provides amazing benefits including hydration of the skin, reducing signs of ageing, reducing inflammation and cell regeneration.  What more could you want?

The backstory of these products is also incredible. The founder of 47 Skin had suffered from skin concerns for years, and had tried numerous products to battle it. But to no avail, all the products tried seemed to inflame the skin and worsen blemishes. Her grandmother then sent her a serum containing silver chitosan, which she decided to try after a couple of months. The results were outstanding – her skin was more hydrated and firm and the inflammation was gone.


At the moment, 47 Skin offer four different serums, all containing the wonderful silver-chitosan: Anti-blemish and Scar Repair serum, Age-defence Serum, Silver Chitosan serum for him, and the Regenerative Serum.

The serums are available online at www.47skin.com – and they even offer free shipping worldwide. The serums retail at £29 each – great value for such a premium product.

So after treating your friends and loved ones this Christmas, we suggest you treat yourselves (and your skin) to this amazing product.