The Rise of the “Funny Guy”

Pete Davidson

Recently on the pop culture scene, the stereotypical “funny guy” has begun to take hold of the list of celebrity “it” couples. This type of guy cares more about authenticity and humor than flashiness or extravagance. A perfect case study is Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who has garnered an impressive dating history: actress Phoebe Dynevor, model Kaia Gerber, pop superstar Ariana Grande (to whom he was briefly engaged, and most recently pop culture icon Kim Kardashian. For a comedian who proudly lived with his mother until recently, Pete has garnered a reputation for attracting some of the most beautiful women in the world. How does he—and other men like him—do it? Let’s break it down. 

1. Comedy often involves vulnerability

There is nothing more attractive than a man who is emotionally available, and this type of guy is not afraid to get personal. On SNL and other comedic exhibitions, Pete has talked at length about sensitive topics such as loss, mental illness, and breakups. He is not afraid to talk about his own troubles and even help end the stigma around such tough topics. Based on how much openness and honesty comedy requires, it is easy to imagine how well that would translate into a relationship. Without it, a relationship remains surface-level, but we know guys like Pete are not afraid to go deep. 

2. They tend to be attentive boyfriends

There is nothing more reassuring in a relationship than knowing your partner is invested in you. Dates and nights out are a great way to show that whether it is shopping for diamonds or having a private getaway. A great example of this is Machine Gun Kelly—Pete Davidson’s good friend and near doppelganger—and his fiancé, actress Megan Fox. MGK is not afraid to show off Megan and the dates he takes her on, showing he invests in her and is proud of their relationship!

3. Many come from humbler beginnings

Let’s face it: Hollywood is rife with famous families and nepotism. Sometimes having a background that is not rooted in fame can make a person more grounded and relatable. A few now-famous stars make perfect examples: stand-up star John Mulaney grew up in Chicago and did improv comedy in college. Pete Davidson grew up with his mom and sister on Staten Island. MGK’s parents were missionaries in Houston. And they are not afraid to take their dates back to their hometowns: Pete has taken Kim Kardashian to some of his favorite restaurants in Staten Island on multiple occasions!

4. They are authentic

The “funny guy” is a master of keeping it real. As we mentioned, he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and open. He is also always ready with a self-deprecating joke or a perfectly-timed zinger about a recent event. He is not afraid to show that he is not perfect all of the time and as we saw with Pete Davidson’s scaled-back Staten Island dates with Kim, he doesn’t need to go to a five-star restaurant every night. He is comfortable showing you his favorite spots around his hometown. Showboating is not exactly every woman’s dream, and luckily funny guys know how to showcase their true selves. 

5. They are hilarious (obviously)

Hence the name, the “funny guy” obviously has a good sense of humor, which is never a bad thing in a relationship. While being funny is not necessarily a redeeming quality on its own, if you combine a good sense of humor with all of the other favorable traits on this list, you have a man that is the whole package. Forget the showboating and flashiness, we are all for guys that can just make us laugh.

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