The return of Colin Kaepernick, where could he land?

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Colin Kaepernick hosted a workout with NFL scouts this past weekend. Twenty-four team representatives arrived at the Atlanta Falcons practice facility.

There was just one problem, Kaepernick was not at the Falcons practice facility.

The ex-Niners QB had changed locations from the individual combine 30 minutes prior to starting. This was not exactly the textbook definition of mending relations between Kaepernick and the NFL.

When it was all said and done, only six teams sent a representative to view Kaepernicks workout. That being said, there are far more teams that could use Colin Kaepernick on their roster as either a starter or backup. It should be noted there are teams who should not sign Kaepernick as well, even if it may seem like a match made in heaven.

Whether your supposed franchise QB has disappointed, can’t stay healthy or hasn’t been drafted yet, there are several teams in a position to take the risk of signing an experienced quarterback who still just might have the best years left in him.

Let’s take a look at which teams might need the services of Kaepernick the most, as well as the teams who would benefit from avoiding this particular signing.

Good Fits

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota will not be the starting QB in Tennesse in 2020. Tannehill was the gap year guy, which is fine but there must be an improvement under centre. The Titans will not have a good enough draft position for Joe Burrows or Tua Tagovailoa either, so their goal should be best available when the draft rolls around.

Sure the Titans could take a risk on a guy like Jalen Hurts or Jake Fromm, but instead of taking a chance with a first-round pick, signing Kaepernick would let the Titans use that first-round pick on a position of need like a wide receiver.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mariota was drafted second, only behind Jameis Winston. The Bucs felt they won the Winston sweepstakes when he was chosen but it has been one headache after another for Tampa Bay.

Unlike the Titans, Tampa is yet to admit to themselves that they need to cut the chord on Winston. It’s been another below-average year for a player who simply doesn’t seem to show signs of genuine improvement. Similar to Tennessee though, the draft position might not be favourable when it comes to taking a QB.

Sign Colin Kaepernick.

Miami Dolphins

Tua Tagovailoa has been tagged as the QB of the future for the Miami Dolphins for such a long time now. Even after trading for Josh Rosen that moves felt like a low-risk place holder for Tua. Unlike Tampa and Tennessee, Miami should be in a position to draft their man.

One problem, Tua’s most recent injury just might scare the Dolphins enough to change their plans. With the underwhelming play of Rosen and the questions surrounding Tua’s longterm health, signing Kaepernick makes sense whether or not Miami draft’s the Alabama prospect.

Carolina Panthers

With all due respect to Kyle Allen, the youngster out of Houston cannot be the answer to Carolina’s woes at QB. And with Cam Newton already one foot out the door and expected to be traded, where do the Panther turn?

Colin Kaepernick. The Panthers offence was at it’s most prolific when it operated similar to how Baltimore currently runs things. A dynamic running game resembling a college style offence, and who better to run it than Kaepernick. Even if Newton wasn’t traded, he isn’t the same athlete he once was.

Christian McCafferty needs a viable option with him in the backfield, and he gets that in a perfect fit with Kaepernick.

Bad Fits

New England Patriots

It’s unclear whether the heir apparent to Tom Brady is currently playing in the NFL or not. If he isn’t, one name should be crossed off the list. Don’t expect Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels to start running the RPO anytime soon, and unless they did, don’t expect the Patriots to sign Kaepernick.

New England will either draft their next QB or let Brady play into his 50’s. Either way, but options seem more likely than the signing of Colin Kaepernick.

Washington Redskins

Washington drafted Dwayne Haskins to be the franchise quarterback. The biggest mistake they could make would be to do what the Jets did to Mark Sanchez when they signed Tim Tebow.

Sending your young QB mixed signals about his standing in the organization would be the worst possible decision the Redskins could make. There are plenty of veteran QB’s on the roster to help Haskins develop, let them do their job and let Haskins grow.

Cleveland Browns

Similar to Washington, the Browns used their 2018 number one draft pick on Baker Mayfield. After a turbulent yet promising rookie season, Mayfield’s sophomore season has been even more turbulent and the Browns are on the losing end of a fight to make it to the postseason.

More than anything else, the main critique on the Browns and Mayfield has been the distractions. Signing Colin Kaepernick is not a solution, it’s a distraction. Hire a real head coach who actually plays to the strengths of your young QB and steer clear of Kaepernick.

Philadelphia Eagles

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are 5-5. their chances of making the playoffs are currently rather thin, and after an offseason that brought in nearly as much hype as the Browns did, this season has been thoroughly disappointing for the Eagles, and no more discouraging for their young franchise QB in Carson Wentz.

However, now is not the time to be looking for ways to replace Carson Wentz. If the Eagles wanted to replace Wentz, they would have done so in Nick Foles after he won a Super Bowl MVP.

Carson Wentz is not the problem, and Colin Kaepernick is not the solution. The Eagles don’t have a QB problem and signing Kaepernick is noise that the organization cannot afford to be dealing with at the moment.

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