The Power Of Rain and Sunshine

Sunlight sits on the lining of the womb and blossoms in infinite rays of light.

She’s a blessing formed from the prayers sang at night. She was created from the fragments of two dreamers who could control the weather.

The weather being an image deprived from love, a correlation of the past and the present in order to make the future possible.

A future filled with weather conditions of ever lasting sunlight. Sunshine brings luminosity to any room her essence pours into; she is a formulation of two dreamers who have only ever seen bright skies.

She manages to implode happiness in the bowels of dreamers’ hearts without having taken her first breath.

Without having recollected her first memory she remains apart of the two dreamers universe, a subtle ball of fire that radiates pride without having fulfilled her title.

A daughter. Still cradled in the womb, but continuously shining through to show that she is bound to happen.

With a princess on their side, the dreamers decide to cooperate a prince into their fairytale lifestyle.

Rain never appears in stories of joy, but when drought conceals the earth his smiles need to be felt. He is a collision of hopes and dreams that need water for the seed, in order for the flowers to flourish.

Also falling from the womb, he blesses the two dreamers with harmonious symphonies of bliss and lands into puddles formulated from the flesh of their cradling arms.

He sits in the clouds and waits for his time, because rain can be golden even if it doesn’t shine.

He carries an ocean of mysteries where he walks and follows the voices of the two dreamers. He brings them peace and comfort in his name, for he is their son and is ready to rain.

The power of Rain and Sunshine is on a boundless scale as their non-existence in the world has already brought the two dreamers a kingdom that will never fail.

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