The Foodstagram Fetish

As technology begins to revolutionize our world, we’ve introduced a new type of fame to the food industry; not only do restaurants want to be recommended by food critics, but now also featured on Instagram food blogs. Because of this, in New York City especially, there has been a giant surge in recent years of food and fashion Insta-blogs. And as a result, New York has gained the reputation of being “foodie”, where people are not only more conscious about what they’re eating, but also immediately post pictures to share their dishes and finds.

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Taken by @chewingthebigapple on Instagram.

The first famous account to do this was @new_fork_city. Started by three high school students, New Fork City was their way of sharing with the world what they loved: eating. Looking at their Instagram page, which has now reached 677,000 followers, they have been able to turn food into something that it never was before. Food fanatics who now have enough influence over the young generation that they can completely change the direction of “popular food” and where’s “trendy” to eat, again, all thanks to Instagram.

This age is the age of visuals and senses; therefore people are more attuned to the presentation of their food and of the restaurant, in addition to the taste. They’re more conscious about how “photogenic” their dish is, and will often stop to snap a pic before actually eating and enjoying it, for that’s half the experience. People want to eat in trendy places, therefore checking Instagram to get restaurant-inspo and see where’s cool to go now, as social media has also created a culture of immediate sharing.

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One restaurant that has largely benefitted from this Instagram-society is Jack’s Wife Freda, located on Carmine Street in Soho, NY. From being featured on fashion blogs to these large food accounts, it has received publicity to a younger crowd like no other, explaining why there is almost always a line to be seated. However this isn’t any line, while walking by, you’ll notice the types of people standing outside. Ranging from 13 to 22 years old, it is evident the influence social media has, to which generation, and to what kinds of people.

Following New Fork City have been numerous other Instagram accounts, such as @food_overdudes, @foodintheair, @hungrybetches, and much more. The increase in these food accounts has now turned from being a food-sharing device, into creating a completely new culture of foodies, and all as a result of technology and social media. People are able to combine two things they love, the taste of the food as well as the more creative side in its presentation and location, and contribute their finds to this career field of food, which is now more client-driven than ever, appealing to those youngsters who evidently are the ones steering the direction of the food industry.

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