The Extended Trailer for Joy has been Released

Jennifer Lawrence’s highly anticipated David O.Russell film, Joy is due for release across the pond on Christmas Day, but for us Brits we will sadly have to wait another couple of months. Luckily, Fox have released an extended trailer of the new movie to keep us going until its release date. Ever the heroine, J-Law plays the role of the determined and ambitious Joy Mangeno who becomes a successful entrepreneur after inventing the Miracle Mop.

Jennifer is reunited with Bradley Cooper once again, following on from their previous successes in David O.Russell films; Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, which were both Oscar-nominated movies. Bradley Cooper stars as an executive of a Home Shopping Network who helps with the success of the Miracle Mop, whilst Robert De Niro plays Joy’s father, adding to the already brilliant cast.

Speaking to The Playlist about the film, David O.Russell said: “What turned me on about it was that it was not pandering, it was not glamorous, that there wasn’t a big romance; she’s the princess that doesn’t have a Prince Charming. Yes, she has a romance with a Latino man and that turns into something that I had not seen on screen — the best divorced couple you’ve ever met. And that she becomes kind of the godmother of a family and a business, and that success is portrayed in a way that is not neat. And I hadn’t seen that movie before, with a woman at the centre.”

The role is a different one for the much-loved J-Law, she is normally chosen for loud, bold characters, so we cannot wait to see her as the superwoman of this movie! Watch the extended trailer below.

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