The Diverse World of Instagram

Instagram has become its own little universe, where different cultures of photographer have bred several different kinds of instagrammers. If you want to know where in the world of Instagram you fall, you can check out our list below of the various types of instagrammers.


Selfie Addict:

Selfies are great and everyone has taken at least one in their lives that they put online because let’s be honest, they looked phenomenal and it made the internet better. However, everyone knows one person who insists on posting at least one new selfie every four hours. Occasionally you wonder if these people actually know how to take a traditional photo, or if they can only capture a photo if they are standing in it making a duck face. Luckily for those selfie addicts, they have an impressive range of head shots to dole out at a moment’s notice.





Everyone has at least one Instagram account they follow that always shows the most delicious food they have ever seen. Seriously, sometimes you have to think one of your friends is a secret gourmet chef. Not only does the food all look delicious, but you know that it all tastes delicious, and sometimes you feel inadequate about your love of your own specially made PB&J. However, these accounts often give you some amazing recipes to try on your own and they tend to be pretty easy to make. We all must thank our foodie friends for filling our lives with such glorious foods.

2015-03-31 20.45.52 



Health Foodies

A subsection of our food addict friends are the healthy food addicts. These are those people who are not only impressing the world with their culinary skills, but they are also keeping everyone’s cholesterol and blood sugar in line. They find a way to take obscene amounts of kale, seaweed, and flax seed, and make them taste so good that don’t even consider eating all those delicious chips your friends are eating. These also tend to be relatively easy recipes to make, so we thank our health foodies again for not only making us yummy food, but making us healthy as well.

2015-03-31 20.44.36 



Gym Rats

Best friends with Health Foodies are the gym rats. The type of people who must be paying both a gym membership and rent because they never leave, and even if they do it is only to help the health foodies make their own Instagram posts. They have remarkable physiques and they are the first person you go to if you are trying to get into shape. Luckily, they want to help literally every human they have ever met get into peak physical condition and have no shame about admitting that.

2015-03-31 20.52.04



Pseudo Artists:

You know that one person who took that general art workshop when they were 15? They love Instagram because it allows them to fuel their unfulfilled artistic desires by placing some stones on top of each other, off centering them, then throwing in about six different filters. Artsy photos are basically half of all photos on Instagram, but you cannot deny that when you spend 45 minutes trying to perfectly position your photo and as a result you get an obscene amount of likes, your soul fills with happiness and you remember why Instagram is essential.

2015-03-31 20.48.14

Instagram started as a social media site where you could post any photo you wanted your friends to see. No one could have known that it would blossom into the diverse world of different users that have created their own personas. We all know them, we can all identify them, and to be completely honest, we all love them.

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