The Cool and Quirky: Bergies

As the winter months grow colder for most of us, we tend to spend more time indoors. We snuggle up on our couches to read, play video games, or pop on a good movie/TV Show on whatever special streaming app or premium channel your parents let you sponge off of. (Don’t deny it, I do this, too).

Do you know what’s better than having unlimited access to House of Cards or Game of Thrones? Comfy socks. Yes, that’s right, I said socks. Think about it.

Having a nice warm pair of socks can take your lounging at home to a premium level of comfort. Now, because we are so lazy and comfortable in our cozy apartments, flats, or whatever place you like to call home, don’t you just wish that there was an online store where you can purchase said socks and have them delivered right to your door?

Ladies and gentleman, there is such a place that exists on the Internet and it is called Bergies.

Bergies is an online novelty sock store based out of Upstate New York that sells socks, slippers, and even some pajamas. Primarly housing socks, the patterns can range from cats and other quirky animal prints all the way to some traditional argyle. You can shop on the site in various ways whether it be by the pattern or by the brand. Some sock brands include: Foot Traffic, Socksmith, World’s Softest Socks, and ODD SOX. They also come in different styles like your typial crew or knee highs. So, there’s definitely a sock in there for you and your Netflix viewing needs.

Bergies even has a “Sock of the Month Club”, where for a period lasting six to 12 months ($80 and $130 dollars respectively), you can have a “Soxpert” choose a montly pair of socks that will be delivered right to your humble abode! It’s basically like giving yourself a little present every month to remind you that you’re as awesome as the socks you wear.

Do you know what the best part about Bergies is? They ship globally! To my UK/US cohorts and beyond, everyone can get in on this socktacular action, which makes this unique company all the more cool.

I recommend checking this store out because it’s fun, quirky, and you can maybe get yourself a pair of socks that look like this:

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 1.41.31 PM

Kittenster Crew Socks for $10


Want to follow Bergies’ whereabouts?

Check out their Instagram @BergiesNYC or Twitter @BergiesNYC.

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