The Best Shows of London Fashion Week 2015

‘A woman empowered’ was a motif heavily felt during this London Fashion Week. Silhouettes reminiscent of Working Girl, unabated geometric prints, harsh colours such a tangerine contrasted with the coolness of cobalt, and the constant rehashing of 70’s boho to make the trend even more authentic were key trends. Everything was just a little bit more …  ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’ when it came to womenswear (apologies for the Daft Punk reference).

Temperly managed to somehow feature every trend of the season you could imagine but magically translated into a seamless and cohesive collection.  Embracing the drama of red carpet dressing, long slip dresses, duster coats, and jumpsuits were significant looks on the runway, pointing out the importance of length in dressing up. How Temperly brought tribal, boho, luxe and glamour all rolled into one single package is beyond us.

Temperly AW 15 4 Temperly AW15 1 Temperly AW 15 3 Temperly AW 15 2

Provocative yet fun and over all girl power was the atmosphere at the Ashish AW15 show. It is definitely a collection for the girl who just wants to get out there and kick ass to be honest, from red lacquered thigh high boots and lots of skin via skimpy camisoles to some of this season’s most statement coats covered in sequins and camo print. There is nothing wimpy about this collection; instead it just wants us to join a girl gang to be honest, while of course looking really good and carefree.

Ashish AW 15 1 Ashish Aw 15 2 Ashish AW 15 4 Mica


Preen by Thorton Bregazzi is always a favorite at LFW, and this season they nailed it on the head once again. Looks focused heavily on colour, managing to bring out a folkloric element to the collection whilst contrasting with the popping 70’s aesthetic (and we aren’t just relying on The Carpenters show soundtrack). Heavy winter fabrics featured in patchwork coats and loud, vibrant florals on flowing dresses definitely brought together the “dark romance” seen in this collection.

Preen AW 15 1 Preen AW 15 2 Preen Aw 15 3 Preen AW 15 4




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