the alternative sport show: Meiko Satomura & Noam Dar (WWE/NXT UK)

On ‘The Alternative Sport ShowWWE NXT Superstars Noam Dar and Meiko Satomura chat to Matthew Connell at The Stratford Hotel, London.

WWE fans have been fortunate to witness the best wrestling talent from the UK on the WWE Network, BT Sport app and Youtube. Noam Dar and Meiko Satomura bring a lot of experience to the ring despite being very different in age. Meiko Satomura from Japan has a legendary reputation having recently signed to the NXT UK brand as an on-screen talent and coach for the next generation based at WWE’s training facility The Performance Centre. From WCW to Chikara and now WWE, fans have had a taste of Satomura’s skills having made it to the semi-finals of the second ‘Mae Young Classic’ tournament after being eliminated by Toni Storm. Now part of NXT and in the hunt for Kay Lee Ray’s WWE UK Women’s Championship, Satomura is certainly not one to mess with.

Noam Dar from Scotland has been a hot talent from the UK Independent scene who has deservedly made his way onto WWE screens, having first appeared on WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic, Monday Night Raw and a handful of main roster PPV’s. Dar being scottish carries a reputation of expectation as WWE has a history of successful scottish superstars notably like Drew McIntyre who’s recent success has huge influences for all talent across Raw, Smackdown and all the way to NXT. Noam Dar’s skillet doesn’t limit to just the ring, he is also the host of a tv segment on NXT UK called ’The Supernova Sessions’. Entertainment and agility is very much what Noam Dar is all about.

Meiko Satomura and Noam Dar have a warming chat on ‘The Alternative Sport Show’ covering a wide range of topics to which Main Roster PPV’s they’d like to feature on and what crossover celebrity feuds they would love to have, following the success of Bad Bunny who stole the headlines from his incredible in-ring performance at this year’s WrestleMania.


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