The Alternative F1 Podcast: Vicky Piria / W Series


This W Series special features Vittoria Piria, alongside Matthew Connell and Andre Dixon. 

Vittoria “Vicky” Piria is an Italian racing driver who currently races in the Formula Renault Eurocup and W series. They talk through how Vicky has been keeping her spirits up – despite the series being on hold and not really being able to race.  Vicky says; 

It’s been a rollercoaster. The season finished quite early last year, in August, and from September I was looking forward to 2020. Having the opportunity to have done the 2019 lineup, I knew what I needed to work on to get better as a driver, to get better results and improve but then everything fell to pieces in 2020, it was not easy, I’m not gonna lie. Luckily, I managed to get in a couple of races with Eurocup and I’m a positive person. I try to take it day by day and make everyday worthwhile, I can’t wait for 2020 to be over and for 2021 to begin!

She talks about her time getting to know her colleagues and what it’s been like being with the W series; 

At first I was worried that it would be annoying being with your competitors all the time, but the way the W series works is very fair, that’s why we change cars, we change engineers, we push each other. At the end of the day there is a lot of respect between us because we have all been through the same process and we all know how difficult it was to get here.

When asked about what she learnt most from her experience Vicky said;

I have really learnt how to adapt, you don’t have as much track time, so the time you do have is so crucial and important. You are also working with so many different people, different engineers, you have to adapt and I think that’s what makes a good driver the ability to adapt.

Vicky talks to the guys about how she has been keeping herself active and race ready despite the pressures of lockdown and Coronavirus throughout the year;

I still go to the gym, pretty much every day and work on little things in my driving style, I mean it hasn’t been easy. Mentally you need to arrive ready and be prepared to work and be feeling good and positive. I don’t want to go into it with the mindset of ‘oh I missed last year it’s gonna be really difficult’, I want to go into it knowing I’ve done everything I can to be ready for it. I think, doing things that make you happy, really helps your performance!

She admits that she is not a gamer and didn’t really enjoy the E-Series as much as others might have; 

“I’m terrible at gaming! When the E-Series happened I had just got out of lockdown so I had a lot of work, I was travelling a lot and filming so I didn’t really have time to practise so it was quite frustrating for me. Still you need to look at the positive side, I was terrible but I have learnt that E-gaming is probably not my thing! I really like going to work in a proper simulator but E-gaming just wasn’t easy for me but it was a great opportunity and kept me mentally ready for the W series.

Vicky explains her journey and how important her family is to her;

Just having someone that really believes in you and believes you can do it, my dad text me before a race, when my mind was going a hundred miles an hour processing everything that could wrong, and he just said “guidare come sa guidare” which means drive like you know how to drive. He just made it simple and that really helped me, a silly text but it clicked. It’s crucial.

She has always been honest about points in which she has wanted to give up and  throw the towel in. When questioned on those moments in the past Vicky said;

The more you care, the more you get those moments, the more you care about what you’re doing, the more you’re competitive, you want to do well, the more you get angry when that doesn’t happen. You know, if you didn’t care you wouldn’t think about giving up, the reason you have the down points is because you care so much.

So we asked Vicky if you could go back and tell your younger self some advice before you started something, what would it be? 

Sometimes you just have to make things simple, the reason I’m so competitive and I care so much and sometimes I overthink because I want to be perfect but sometimes it’s better to just be a bit more simple. That said I have no regrets, I am happy where I am now and I really want to look ahead.

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