The Ten Year Challenge has been all over social media over the last few weeks. Everyone has been posting embarrassing photographs of themselves right besides the new and improved 2019 version. We’ve all been through those awful stages in life, where there’s always that unnecessary belt, jeans that could fit four of you or far too much eyeliner; but what about those habits that you can’t catch in a photograph, what have they been up to?

We think the Ten Year Challenge shouldn’t just be about physical appearances but also how have you’ve changed as a person – are you better with money, becoming more mature, making more time for yourself or taking your life goals more seriously? Ten years is a long time and you’d be surprised with how much you’ve changed without even realising and we wanted to highlight the areas that we think are key to change over the next ten years, to ensure that you are living your best life in 2029!


Clearing out your apartment, room or house is a really effective way to say goodbye to the past and make room for the future, because that’s literally what you’re doing! You going through your clothes, shoes or personal belongings and deciding what you can live without is a crucial part of preparing for a new chapter. Say goodbye to those old Converses, adios to those jeans that might never fit again and ciao to those DVDs (because who even has a DVD player anymore…). Get rid of things clogging up your personal space and invest in a new way of living. That way, in ten years time, you won’t be faced with a house overflowing with stuff!


Saving comes easier to some more than others. Everyone gets swayed by those holiday sales or those cyber Monday steals, but if you can manage to stay strong put that money away! When you’re young you never think about savings or mortgages or even rent sometimes, but you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t put some of that disposable cash in the bank. A tenner here or there, or any money prezzies that aren’t in gift card form chuck it in a safe space for a rainy day. You never know, you could be paying for your dream kitchen with that spare cash in ten years time.


For some of us ten years time means tons of responsibilities, bills, deposits or even little ones! So, probably best to make the most of that spare time now. If you’re in Uni, just graduated or even still living at home, take the time to really explore the world and make those memories. Put money towards a huge trip with friends or family and get to see those seven wonders of the world. Time waits for no one and why waste it waiting for the perfect time when you never know what could happen next? The best thing to do is to invest in making those memories so that when the end of those ten years approach, you’ve got buckets of experience and wisdom to pass down.


There’s tons of articles online that do nothing but preach about how “health equals wealth”. Although enjoying yourself is always the top goal in life, put time and effort towards maintaining your health so that the next ten years are far more fun and active. We’re not saying take part in diets or excessive exercising routines, but just small and often changes that can really help you enjoy life a lot more. Swap those baked beans for some avocados, kick out the bacon breakfasts every day and have some oats and honey, avoid the fast food apps every Saturday night and make some fun food at home with mates. These little life changes can really make a huge difference and will contribute towards you having a very successful ten years!