As the sun is starting to shine and the lockdown begins to ease it’s easy to think that you want to upgrade yourself a little. Whether it be drinking protein shakes and low carb meals or looking at catching up on the latest tech. With shops slowly reopening life is about to get ten times more exciting, especially with brand new mindblowing affordable phones like the Motorola G8 Power!

Now we definitely do not claim to be tech wizards, but we know a thing or two about what’s essential to the everyday user and the Motorola G8 Power is a great way to get some real oomph for your pounds. Now let’s be honest with ourselves, when we’re looking for a new phone the three main things we look for are the camera, quality/appearance, and the battery – here at Verge we’re determined to give you all the facts you need without reading a bunch of jargon.

If you’re into the aesthetics, the Motorola G8 Power has what you’d need for a sleek, shiny, and slim phone that’s not going to break the bank. With a 6.4″, HD+ LCD display, it’s safe to say that clarity will not be an issue here. Even though there is no in-screen fingerprint sensor, which some may prefer, the main aspect of this phone is that the constant debate of a large notch will not be an issue as it is neatly out of the way in the corner; no need to scream about it tech-heads!

For all of those photography enthusiasts and Instagrammers, we’re happy to report that the Motorola G8 Power will not leave you wanting more. With a 16MP, 2MP macro, and 8MP ultrawide triple rear camera, it’s easy to capture those memorable moments using just your phone in high quality. From those who like to catch the world through their lens to some of us who just like taking great selfies, the Motorola G8 Power is the best of both worlds with a 16MP front camera perfect to combine with funny filters.

Finally the ultimate battle, the battery life. For years we have had the most incredible developments in putting advanced tech in our pockets, but we have always struggled to find the perfect marriage between having the world at our fingertips and not having to have 10 power-banks in our bags. The battery life on this phone will take you over a day without charge and can last even longer depending on usage. Although there is no wireless charging available on this model, the 5,000AH battery does the job for the constant app surfing everyone will be doing.

If the Motorola G8 Power sounds right up your street, Vodafone has some amazing deals to make switching up phones just that little bit more enticing. To make everything that little bit sweeter, The G8 Power is available with 6GB of data for £30 per month with just £9 upfront costs.

To check out more  of Vodafone’s brilliant unlimited plans, check out their site here


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