Tech Now: Sony Xperia 5

This midrange phone, was launched in September 2019. Many technologies of the more expensive Xperia 1 are incorporated in this sleek and stylish smartphone. The Xperia 5 has a 21: 9 CinemaWide Display in a metal housing. This display offers more screen space and is ideal for those who want to use two apps at the same time. You can easily split the screen with Side Sense, the 21: 9 multi-window application, or via voice control. The screen features Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and back for extra strength.

The Xperia 5 is also IP65 / IP68 waterproof. The Xperia 5 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform with an X24 LTE Modem for high performance and gigabit LTE connectivity. The 4 x 4 MIMO technology supports all LTE bands, making you more connected in areas with a weak signal. This device is equipped with Smart Stamina, fast charging via USB and a 3140mAh battery for a long battery life.


Three cameras

The Xperia 5 is equipped with BIONZ X For Mobile and a three-lens camera with 12-megapixel sensors. This device also has Optical SteadyShot image stabilization. The camera setup consists of a 16mm lens for super wide-angle shots, a 26mm lens and a 52mm portrait and telephoto lens. Like the Xperia 1, the Xperia 5 is equipped with Eye Autofocus. With this function, the eyes of objects are tracked automatically, very precisely and reliably. The Xperia 5 can also take continuous burst shots at up to 10 fps. The device also has improved AF / AE calculations of up to 30fps for sharply capturing moving objects.


Game Enhancer

Gaming is also more fun than ever, according to Sony, thanks to the improved Game Enhancer. The Game Enhancer app is designed to enhance the gaming experience. Gamers will find all games here in one place and can block all notifications from outside while gaming. Game Enhancer also allows you to record and share your achievements via social media. This app works for Asphalt 9, Fortnite and Arena of Valor, among others.


Operating system Sony Xperia 5

Android is Google’s mobile operating system. Android 9 (or Android 9 Pie) offers a number of improvements over the previous versions. You can still run apps side by side. On smartphones and tablets, you can run two apps side by side in split-screen mode. Google has again paid a lot of attention to the notifications in Android Pie. WhatsApp, for example, now has the ability to display photos and stickers in the messages notifications.


You can now also see all your active conversations in the notification screen and you get the options to give quick responses. The new app actions are handy, The system tries to predict what you want to do and shows two shortcuts in the app menu. For example, you will see music-related buttons when you connect the headphones. Also efficient battery use is a spearhead of Android 9. Android 9 looks at how often you use an app. Apps that you use a lot may use more battery capacity than apps that you use very sporadically.


This function is optional and you can choose in the settings whether you want to use it or not. The standard support for multiple cameras is also new. Android can now read two or more cameras simultaneously. This offers new possibilities for app developers, such as stereo image, seamless zoom and bokeh effects. It is also useful that developers are given the opportunity to use the display as a flash. Google has also improved the speed of photography.

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