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In response to the thousands of British artists and musicians facing cancellations of performances, tours, and critically, their incomes, Microsoft Surface is today launching the RE:Surface project. A new concept giving artists the ability to revive cancelled performances and take them to an entirely new level of experience and interaction.

Tapping into the hugely restorative role of music and entertainment in the daily lives of Britons, the RE:Surface project will create a new way for people to experience, collaborate and engage with a live, virtual, multi-dimensional performance.

Up and coming British singer song-writer Jade Bird is the first artist to use the RE:Surface platform and collaborate with Microsoft Surface to uncancel one of her shows. A passionate and energetic performer, Jade embraced sofa streaming following the cancellation of her gigs and will be the first artist to tap into the RE:Surface project to bring a new live, more immersive digital experience to her fans.

Her first performance will be live streamed to viewers on tonight at 8.30pm BST on Friday 29th May. Every aspect of the virtual gig will be reimagined through the RE:Surface project including giving audiences the ability to interact with the performance, visuals, the music and the artist in real-time.


Jade Bird commented:


“My entire tour was cancelled 6 weeks ago and from that point everything changed for me as an artist. I’ve had to completely update my approach to getting my music out there. I’m a singer-songwriter and my tech skills aren’t the best, which is why the RE:Surface project is so good for me. I’m really excited about the gig on the 29th May and I can’t wait to see what it looks like in rehearsals next week.”

Noting the critical importance of live performances to the livelihood of performers, the RE:Surface Blueprint has also been created as part of the project. This is a resource of ‘how to guides, Q&As and workshops which deconstructs every element of the gig production, pre show prep as well as the live show itself to help both emerging artists building their fan base from their bedroom or established acts signed to independent labels.

On the Blueprint Jade said, “Microsoft has created a concept and a blueprint that’s really easy to use and it means I can continue to do what I do best, but collaborate with a number of other creative people who can evolve my gigs, taking them to a whole new level.”

While many artists have had their livelihoods affected overnight, consumers are also accessing and watching more content than ever before. In the current climate, the RE:Surface project aims to connect both artists and consumers in a new and creative way through technology.

As such, the RE:Surface project has been inspired by and developed using Microsoft Surface technologies – a range of devices built to suit and power the individuals needs and style of everyone, including the creative community. With Surface, creatives can do their best work, wherever they are; streaming live gigs from their bedroom, interacting with fans on the sofa or collaborating with teams on their album artwork, from the kitchen table.


Tune in to watch the first Re:Surface live event here at 8.30pm tonight.

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