Tech Now: Logitech’s POP Keyboard and Mouse

Early this year, Logitech launched POP Keys and POP Mouse, the newest products in the Logitech Studio Series to bring character, joy, and self-expression to your work routine. The release of the new mouse and mechanical keyboard redefines what your personal workspace can look like with vibrant aesthetics.

Not only is the keyboard colorful and bright, but its keys also have an aesthetically pleasing click that adds to the experience. This combination of keyboard and mouse can be the final addition to your home office or gaming setup you have been looking for! It is surprisingly customizable, meaning you can program the keyboard to cater to your specific needs, whether that be efficient work or better gaming performance.  In fact, its programmable emoji keys are part of what makes it unique from its competitors. It can also be supported on multiple different devices making it a versatile investment.

POP Keys comes with eight swappable emoji keycaps in the box – four on the keyboard itself. The emoji keys can be easily customized to your favorite emoji or another handy shortcut using Logitech Options software, available via a simple download for PC or Mac. POP Mouse also features a top button that opens the emoji menu and can be customized for one-tap convenience. These are only some of the features that make it Logitech’s new keyboard and mouse worth an investment. So, if you are looking for a new keyboard and mouse, look no further than Logitech’s POP Keys and POP Mouse.


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