Tech Now: HONOR 9A

We all need a little reward sometimes, especially as we’re about to see the bright light of lockdown gradually easing into a new normal. Now that we can’t hide in our homes indefinitely anymore, we thought it would be great to walk you through our latest discovery of great tech, the HONOR 9A! With the brand new HONOR 9A running on Android 10 and being available for pre-order from 1st July, we wanted to go over the top things we discovered about this new beauty, some things that are especially hard to find elsewhere!

In a perfect world, we would all be in the swing of festival season; ready to brave the vast fields of empty chip boxes whilst franticly searching for charging points and signal. If we close our eyes and imagine what wonderful adventures 2021 will bring us, it makes sense to grab a phone that can take the heat as far as battery life goes. The HONOR 9A has a huge 5000mAh battery life, meaning you can have up to 33 hours of 4G calls with one charge- that easily translates to an estimate of 40 ‘where are you’ call attempts to your best mate at Primavera next year.

If you’re looking for a phone that packs a punch when it comes to capturing the moment as well as great selfies the HONOR 9A may be all that you’ve ever asked for. With a Triple Rear Camera set up consisting of a 13MP lens, a 5MP ultra-wide lens, and a 120° Super Wide Angle Camera there’s nothing that you’ll miss. Feel free to Instagram away until your heart’s content as the HONOR 9A comes with 3GB RAM and 64GB of storage! So no longer will you have to make the heartbreaking decision on whether to bin or keep your screenshots for the group chat later.

If this wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, the HONOR 9A will be on sale for a retail price of £129.99 on Hihonor and Amazon as well as other retailers, so why not make the switch? But, if you’re still clinging onto your old phone using the excuse ‘it’s working perfectly fine’, then we wanted to just sprinkle some of the amazing HONOR wearables that may give you that little shove.

Making a switch to HONOR means you can unlock a world of pure ease and efficiency- including the HONOR MagicWatch 2. If you’re a fitness head, which we should all probably be after nearly 4 months of quarantine, the HONOR MagicWatch 2 has added up to 85 new customised workout modes that can automatically detect up to 6 categories of sports! If that wasn’t enough to wow you then what about a watch that can comprehensively monitor and track up to 194 types of data surrounding your personal performance to help boost you to that next level? Yeah, we thought that would get you thinking.

Hey, not everyone is into fitness and some people hate wearing watches; but we challenge you to find someone that doesn’t love a good pair of earphones. From bringing that small taste of escapism on a train or even at home with screaming kids, the perfect combination of sound and style can be hard to come across. With the HONOR Magic Earbuds, you can finally match Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling technology with a sleek look and great sound making it officially almost impossible to not cherish those precious moments between you and the music. With the noise cancellation being fully adjustable, you can now choose how away from reality you’d like to be, but it also comes in handy when making phone calls with its new dual-microphone setup. You can switch to Awareness Mode to have the sounds around you in earshot to make sure you never miss that train platform call again, especially as we’ll all be heading back to the office anytime soon!

If we’ve done our job and you’re now deeply considering upgrading your tech life, check out more information about HONOR and their new releases by visiting their site here 

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