Tech Now: Aston Martin Red Bull x IRIS

As the Melbourne grand prix, the first of the season, approaches, go behind the scenes within the Aston Martin Red Bull camp and see how the drivers, Max Verstappen and Alex Albon have been preparing to enter the race with the ultimate focus. This season, Red Bull have partnered with audio tech company IRIS to enhance the quality of the team’s audio communications, whilst stimulating focus, wellness and performance before, during and after the race.

Quality audio is crucial to the drivers’ mental preparation – getting into the all-important ‘zone’. Christian Horner says: “It’s interesting when you see a grand Prix driver just before the race. They will come in to the garage with their headset on – it’s part of their ritual. They’re getting into the zone with whatever they’re choosing to play, but it’s a key aspect of their build up to qualifying and helping get them absolutely in the right state of mind” 

 “Formula One is a sport of marginal gains, and we never stop searching for new technology that will give us an edge. We’re delighted to partner IRIS, who offer us just that: greater clarity amid the uncertainty of the race track; more realism in the simulator and a pathway to greater relaxation when travelling. With a  22-race calendar this season, that’s going to be particularly valuable! When our engineers heard this audio technology, they got really excited by it. he comments. 

IRIS is a new technology that’s the culmination of decades of research into the effects of frequency on the human body. This exploration of better sound and how our brains react to it has been years in the making. IRIS lets us listen to our favourite music in a new light by heightening the quality of the audio whilst simultaneously activating the brain – what they call Active Listening.

IRIS founder and CEO Jacobi Anstruther says: “The clarity that you can only get with IRIS really allows the drivers to fully listen to their favourite music as though it was live, get in the zone and mentally prepare for the gruelling race ahead.”

The playlist (Below) will be available to stream through the IRIS app and can be listened to through any headphones:

Max Verstappen

The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

Drake – Toosie Slide

Travis Scott – goosebumps ft. Kendrick Lamar

Arizona Zervas – Roxanne

Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN

Alex Albon

Circles – Post Malone

Better Days – One Republic

Bigger Love – John Legend

Dance Monkey – Tones and I

Freedom – Kygo