Tate Britain launches new Late at Tate series

Wretch 32 'When I See You I See Me'

Many museums in London host “lates” and The Tate Britain is launching its new Late at Tate series this Spring.

The new program showcases content entirely curated by people aged 15-25 as part of Circuit; a national programme led by Tate and funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and the program also features recording artist Wretch 32. It also marks the second anniversary of Circuit, a programme that engages with young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the arts.

The program starts on 10th April with an event called Question. This event is a screening of the film When I See you I See Me, a monologue by Wretch 32 about modern day super-stardom.

The rest of the evening events are called Speculate. Just as its name infers, it asks visitors to really think about the art they are seeing and what it all means.

Many people look at art and say, “So what?” This program is the perfect opportunity to have a think about that question with other people who are also looking to find an answer, or perhaps have all the answers.

Art is something that transcends time. Art has always been with us and hopefully art never die. It has always been about expression. Someone can look at a painting and see a dog where another person could look at it and have it encapsulate everything they think and feel, a la Cameron in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Speculate, Question, and just have a think about what you see. The Late at Tate series may help you answer some of life’s biggest questions. If only for a night.




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