Taiwan: A Cycling Paradise

The diverse island nation of Taiwan has lots to offer, especially when it comes to cycling. From welcoming locals, to the 3,000 kilometers of dedicated bike paths, there are plenty of options for beginner and advanced cyclists to choose and is essentially a cycler’s paradise.

Taiwan consists of vast mountain ranges and beautiful plains that make the island nation so diverse. Whether you want to take on some rough and rugged terrain or take on a smooth path with plenty to view, the options are limitless.

Sun Moon Lake is arguably Taiwan’s most beautiful scenic area that is beloved by many cyclists; it was even named one of the world’s “10 Most Breathtaking Cycling Routes” by CNN Travel. The 19-mile perimeter around the lake offers a relaxing and leisurely pace, suitable for beginners where they are able to take in all the breathtaking views.

Another favorite is the Cisingtan Scenic Area in Qixingtan, Hualien County on the East Coast of Taiwan. This coastal line trail takes cyclists to one of the most popular beach locations in the city, along with optional activities cyclists can choose from along the way. From sculpture parks, museums, to recreational parks, to a view of the Pacific Ocean, coastal terraces, shoreline reefs, sand and pebble beaches, this is one location that is perfect for spectacular views, as well as a relaxing day at the beach.

For those looking for diversity in trails and scenery, Taroko National Park is just the spot. Famous for its astonishing mountains and marble canyons, cyclists can choose between a leisurely pace around the nature carved marble Taroko Gorge, by the Swallow Grotto Trail, or on the many scenic trails located within the park. Another characteristic of the park is its famous waterfalls Baiuang, Yindai, Changchun and Lushie.

Whether you like to travel in dense forest, rocky mountain terrain, a beautiful lake or coastal trails, Taiwan is the place to be. Most cycling paths are vehicle free and are precisely located around scenic locations, so you can take in all Taiwan has to offer as well as the friendly local atmosphere.

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