What’s better than one superhero? A whole damn squad of them! And if you were a kid growing up in the 90s, there was one group of superheroes that made you sing to the tune of “go, go power rangers.” To celebrate the release of POWER RANGERS, arguably one of the best kick-ass superhero teams of all time, coming to cinemas March 24, we’re taking a look at some of the most badass crews to have smashed their way onto the cinematic screen. From X-Men to The Avengers, these squads are stronger together and make working side by side absolute goals. After all, there’s no I in team.


For a team that’s always recruiting, they sure know how to whip into action when needed. From Storm to Wolverine, these mutants all have one thing in common; they’ve all attended Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and understand that by using their unique gifts in harmony with each other, they can become something greater. This group has the capability to fight off some of the most villainous characters in comic book history, including Sinister and Apocalypse, and continue to shock fans with their ability to use their combined mutant gifts against evil.


Encompassing some of the biggest Marvel characters over the years under one squad name, from Iron Man to Captain America, this team dating back to 1963 has become one of the most diverse groups in comic book history. An all-encompassing team to say the least, they’re more than happy to welcome anyone that fights for the right side, whether they have a superpower, a special skill or a unique gadget, and has seen everyone from Spider-Man, to Deadpool, to Star Lord fighting with them at one point or another.


Much like the Avengers, the Justice League combines the ultimate DC superheroes when the threat is just too big for someone to handle alone. There’s power in numbers and the Justice League has it in spades, including the likes of Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, this is not a gang to be messed with.


Are they bad guys? Or are they good guys? Arguably both and definitely heroes in their own right. This bunch of bandits have been known to claim heroic moments for themselves (wouldn’t you if you had regenerative powers like Killer Croc?) but when it comes down to it, they’re experts in combining to carry out dangerous black-ops missions that the government put them up against. They might not necessarily like each other, but this dysfunctional team certainly understands the power in completing combat missions together; reduced prison sentences.


The Power Rangers have been continuously reinvented for young generations over the years, with space adventures, dino Rangers, and ninjas all showing the power of teamwork. The upcoming film shows the original teens with attitude, Jason, Trini, Billy, Zack and Kimberly, as they realise their new powers and come together as an unlikely group. Assisted by Zordon and Alpha 5, there’s no doubt they’ll absolutely own Rita Repulsa and her quest for world domination when they film hits cinemas March 24.


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