Summer lives on with The Partysquad’s new album: Caribbean Kush

The newly released tropical EDM album Caribbean Kush is just what you need to keep your summer vibes alive well in to September.

The Partysquad released the new album yesterday, and we’re already loving it. Featuring fellow Rebel Yard artists Fellow and Punish, the album focuses on Caribbean culture with an EDM flair.  The beachy hooks echo that of popular tropical house artist Kygo, but with a more prominent bass line. The Partysquad has carved out a space for itself on the EDM scene with this summer banger.

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Caribbean Kush is the first volume of The Highest Grade to be released by the musician’s own label – Rebel Yard Music. In celebration of the album launch and as a partnership with the label, the Amsterdam Dance Event hosted a massive party in Aruba at the beginning of this month. What better way to celebrate the release of some brand new tropically funky beats?

As natives of Amsterdam, The Partysquad had already been credited for their experimental DJ stylings. From reggae to hardstyle, their music was received openly by fans and critics. The Netherlands has long held its position as a prominent leader in the dance music scene, thus making it the perfect place to create a new platform for different dance genres.

After the success of their track “Original Don,” the Dutch DJ duo decided to bring their music to life with their own label – and so Rebel Yard was born.

As a label, Rebel Yard focuses on serving as a “platform for open-minded listeners and artists who want to set the tone for experimental music.” Rebel Yard is the house of creative chaos.

The release of Caribbean Kush is a testament to how fresh The Partysquad’s sound is, and if this is what we can come to expect from Rebel Yard’s releases, then we can’t wait for the next one.

Check out Rebel Yard Music on Soundcloud.

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