Styling a Casual Men’s Streetwear Look

One unmistakable urban menswear style that’s taken the world by storm in recent years is the comeback of casual sportswear in the form of athleisure garments and unless you’ve been completely and utterly removed from civilisation for the last half a decade, you’re bound to have jumped onto the trend in one way or another. Since it’s become a major staple in men’s streetwear styles, there’s been an influx in options available, with each allowing you to create a unique style that suits you to a tee. We’ve focused on the casual side of athleisure, showing you how this style transcends modern boundaries to form a bold streetwear vibe that’s got modern trend-chasers head-over-heels.


Baggy Tops

This might not be the most important part of a causal menswear outfit, but it’s definitely something that needs to be considered if you really want to nail the look. Baggy shirts simply ooze comfort and laziness, which is exactly what casual streetwear is all about, so they’re an ideal choice for this laid-back trend. Simple tees work well, as do cosy sweaters – plain and simple designs or retro prints are a popular selection, giving extra texture and layers to the outfit. Put a weathered denim jacket over your top or tie a jumper around your waist to beat the colder weather and give a nonchalant effortless to your fit.


Skinny Joggers

Now for the piece de resistance – the joggers. It simply isn’t a casual fit without them; they give that relaxed comfort to the outfit that’s just unrivalled by any other kind of pants. With the boom in casual wear, joggers are no longer just baggy, unflattering pieces of attire that do no favours to anyone, instead they are now available in a range of fits from skinny to smart, so wherever you’re heading out to, there are joggers that can be tailored to that scenario. Skinny joggers give a more toned and sculpting fit and look great in smarter styles or laid-back casual ensembles alike – their versatility makes them a fantastic addition to any men’s wardrobe or streetwear collection.



Last, but certainly not least, is the trainers that you wear. An iconic part of any streetwear outfit, these are a make-or-break part of your look. White trainers are the most popular choice at the moment thanks to their striking sporty look and simplistic nature – they’re easy to pair with absolutely anything, within reason. Retro-inspired trainers are everywhere you look recently and for good reason too; their vintage style looks great at part of an alternative streetwear outfit! Whether you go for new-wave creps or a pair of classic sneakers, trainers are the perfect way to get that casual streetwear style on point.

Now you’re up to speed with the latest casual streetwear styles, get ready to be turning heads on every city street with your casual skinny joggers style – you can even put your own personalised spin on the outfit for a truly unique fit!