Whilst the nation of binge watchers broke Netflix viewing records following the launch of Stranger Things season three, eBay UK has also spotted unprecedented figures as fans have been searching for retro tech products manically after being inspired by the 80s themed series.

Since season three was released on Thursday 4th July, the online marketplace has seen a 96%* spike in searches for ’80s tech, compared to the same time period the month earlier.

Fans are looking to emulate the iconic style in their own tech collections, and searches for boomboxes have soared, averaging 135 searches an hour whilst searches for walkie talkies have received an average of 193 searches an hour since the season aired!

Polaroid cameras are also making a comeback seeing a 10% increase in searches and averaging almost 3,000 searches per day since the launch on Thursday.


The Stranger Things tech must haves: 


Casio F91W Classic Digital





Panasonic Retro Monitor RP-HTX7 Headband Headphones



Mini Tetris arcade



Portable 80s style boombox





Cassette phone case





Polaroid Impossible Instant Camera





Nintendo classic game controller