The festivities are over and it’s officially 2019. So what next? We all run towards the gym, raid the fruit and veg isle and probably make a vowel to become vegan. Let’s be realistic about it though, there must be a few easy steps that we can follow that actually work right? We’ve fallen victims to the yearly Google search on “how to be better” and we always fall for following about ten different sites telling us a million different answers. Well, we’ve come to the rescue with our own real-life guideline to having a better 2019, and we’ve even put it in a simple list form so you don’t have to read a book to get to the good parts.


It has been said a thousand times yet we always forget – what we put in our bodies tends to be what we get out of it, so rubbish equals rubbish. It’s a New Year cliche for everyone to diet in January but we’re not suggesting a fad routine that grows old in a few weeks and actually ends up making things worse. The best way forward is always just a healthy balanced diet; having all your fruit and veg, essential vitamins, healthy fats and of course the cheeky fry up here and there. Where there is balance there is longevity, and the more you train your body to get used to the new and improved way of eating, the longer lasting effects it will have.


We all have had that experience at work where we’re having a conversation with co-workers about a new political subject that we have no clue about as we were too busy on Instagram. Paying attention to the headlines each day will make a huge difference and will actually help you improve your social life a little. It’s always handy to have some topics ready to start up a conversation, and having a quick peek at what’s going on each morning could make a huge difference.


Exercise is probably the hardest part, especially after all the minced pies at Christmas. No need to become a fitness maniac, just take 30 minutes out of your day for a little run, cycle or even a short class after work. There are 24 hour gyms and even early morning classes you can sign up to, we’re sorry to say there isn’t any excuses this time. You’ll start to see a difference in your energy levels, mood and even appearance, a little pain gives a lot of gain! Plus, it makes those naughty Saturday night kebabs more acceptable.


Ah, the ever so important “Me Time”. Everyone one needs some time to themselves for them to really relax, centre themselves and focus on enjoying their free time. There’s nothing worse than feeling overwhelmed, stressed and overworked- and in todays society it’s easy to take on far more than you bargained for. Time to yourself does not include hours on social media! It’s more about taking time out for an activity, meeting up with friends, watching a movie or TV show or even just having a calming bath. Anything that helps you wind down and get ready for the next day.


There’s nothing more uplifting than having a trip to look forward to. It’s the best thing to think of when you’re stuck on a train on a gloomy Monday. Setting up those countdown apps, buying special outfits and booking those activities. We recommend taking mini breaks every now and then, even if it’s just a couple days across Europe or even in the UK. If you prefer booking longer trips in advance then get booking, those January deals won’t grab themselves!


Over the holidays it’s pretty easy to get caught in the habit of being cooped up inside. Especially with this cold weather being so uninviting, sometimes it’s almost impossible to escape those duvet days. Well this time put down Netflix, get out of your furry onesies and get out there. Go for a walk, go shopping, go for a drive, visit family and friends or even go for a nice dinner. Get yourself out of the house and be social, that’s the best way to kick those January blues goodbye!