We all fall victim to being the “how do they do it” person- that special person that friends can call in the middle of the night for advice, the person that your family can rely on to be on time with all the essentials incase others forget, the person who never says no. Meanwhile your own personal needs go out the window, you don’t get enough rest and a sudden twitch appears out of nowhere by the end of the year. If you can relate to this in any way then you need a peaceful year. Mental health is just as important as physical health but is often ignored and pushed aside in our everyday life. Work, family, studies and all of modern societies expectations get in the way of us really taking care of ourselves, inside and out. Small changes make a huge difference and can also help you become a better version of yourself whilst also caring for those you love. We put together a great guide to help you get some perspective on what you can do to ensure that 2019 is all about caring for you!


The most important aspect of making this year more peaceful is being selfish occasionally. It’s all about finding the balance between being self-obsessed and the agony aunt. The pressures of loved ones will come but the ability to say no is underrated. Saying “no” when someone asks you to take time away from yourself and your plans may seem hard at first but it’s worth it in the end. Think about it this way, if you say yes to every little thing thats asked of you, you’re leaving yourself little to no time to really concentrate on you. How are you meant to be there for others if you’re not taking care of yourself. Taking time out for yourself is just as important as going to the gym or food shopping, how can you be the best version of you if you haven’t spent time with yourself in a while?


Social media is a great way to connect with relatives across the world, meet new people and even to get great lifestyle ideas but it can also be the main cause of stress and pressures. The impact social media has on us can be intense and we can be addicted to checking our phones religiously without even knowing. Think about the last time you went a day without your phone. Think about the last time you left a message unread or a post unliked. It’s been a while right? Hey, don’t get us wrong, social media is an incredible tool but it’s also really easy to become so fully absorbed in the online world that you forget about the real one outside your screen. Most smartphones have social media timers that allow you to monitor how much time you’re spending online- keep an eye on it and try and cut it down each month; you might just see a whole new world out there.


Hobbies are a great way to get your head out of work, your social life or even your family life. If you’ve got drama going on, which is inevitable unfortunately, having a hobby could help reduce that stress and can also be a great way to clear you thoughts for a different perspective. Taking the negative energy from whatever’s going on in the background and channeling it into a sport or an art can be super satisfying. You’ll also have something to look forward to, so the issues of everyday might not seem so bad. Other benefits of having a hobby is improving your social life, working on your communication skills if you’re in a team, and it could also open up new career opportunities. All of these aspects lead to a full and healthy year ahead, try to see if you can revive an old hobby of your own.


Laughter is the best medicine! There’s nothing better than meeting up with friends or family and having a good ole giggle. Putting yourself in happy environments with enthusiastic and uplifting people can really get you out of the dumps and into the clear sunny skies ahead. Sometimes when we’re down we like to wallow and make others feel bad too, but spinning that on it’s head and surrounding yourself with positivity, and also accepting that positivity, can make your year that extra bit more special. It’ll also give you some brilliant memories to look back on and to possibly top next year!


Distracting ourselves from our problems is the easiest thing to do. Instead of dealing with what ails us we bury it  with comforters like food or TV. It’s important to analyse what the problem is, acknowledge how it’s affecting you and comfront the situation head on. Whether it’s an awkward conversation that needs to be had or a task that you’ve been avoiding forever, face it and allow yourself to really feel and heal. There’s no point in pushing it all down for it to stew back up later, the best thing to do is communicate and resolve. Not all situations can be resolved with ease but taking the appropriate steps can really make your year way less stressful!