Stay Fit This Winter With JoggBox

With winter well on it’s way, staying fit can turn into a real chore. After a long day at the office or in lectures it can be really tough to pick yourself up and head out into the dark, chilly evening to stay fit. JoggBox is here to help. It’s the first monthly fitness box introduced into the market, ensuring that each month you stay motivated. JoggBox contains nutritional supplements, energy bars and gels, recovery drinks, hydration tablets, skin care, technical gear, sporting apparel and motivational quotes each months to ensure you stay on the fitness wagon.

JoggBox Contents 1mb

JoggBox includes everything, from well known brands to brand new up and coming products which enables you to stay totally up to date with the fitness world. JoggBox are also introducing a Lifestyle fitness box in 2015 for all you fitness fashionistas, this one is geared towards those who want to look good whilst staying fit, be on trend with all the new gadgets and apparel, and try out the newest products before anyone else. We’ll have one of each please!!

JoggBox have also treated us to some top tips on staying fit from trainer to the stars, Richard Callender:

1. Plan your workout week
Schedule in your sessions and keep to them. Booking time to work out will mean you’re more likely to stick to them. Be disciplined in your focus to your fitness, and it will get easier and more enjoyable the more you do it, just like a muscle the more you work at the better it gets!
2. Buddy up
Give someone else motivation, making you stick to your exercise slots at the same time. Working out with a friend helps you keep things fun, and challenging, what’s a little healthy competition between friends?
A personal trainer can also help give you a new approach to your workout, their professional advise can help push your fitness further, learn new tricks to tackle particular problem areas and more muscles you usually ignore.
3. Keep motivated
Keep running routes, routines and exercises fresh, the more variety in your workout the more you will look forward to your sessions. Trying out new classes, running with a friend or just mixing up your normal routine can do wonders for staving off boredom.
4. Remember to treat yourself
You work hard, so reward yourself with a trip to the sauna, relax those tired muscles and warm away that winter chill, or a warm drink or low calorie treat. It is nearly Christmas after all!
Seriously, what more could you want!? Keep your eyes peeled for a detailed unpacking and review of Verge’s Joggbox in the coming weeks.
For now, find out more about JoggBox on their website here:
Order yours and let’s get fit!