Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Review

So the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront Beta became available to test on October 8th on Playstation4, Xbox One and Pc, giving gamers an upfront look at what to expect from the exciting collaboration between EA Games and Dice Studios.

After spending in excess of 40 hours with the game I was able to really get to grips with the meat of the content.

The main excitement of the Beta was the ability to take part in the classic battle of the ice planet Hoth, between the forces of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance where each side is desperately trying to annihilate the other.

Any Star Wars fan would be instantly taken back to the classic scene from The Empire Strikes Back with the iconic ATAT walkers thundering across the frozen battleground.

You, as a player, control of either a Rebel Commando or an Imperial Stormtrooper and are let loose with an arsenal of iconic weaponry and vehicles from across the Star Wars universe.

The Monolithic ATAT walkers make a slow but steady B-line to the Rebel shield generator and the Rebels must stop them with activated bombing runs and use of the snowspeeders.

The game really puts you in the driver’s seat of the battle and even on random occasions, lets you play as a Hero of either side; Darth Vader for the Empire and Luke Skywalker for the Rebels. There is something incredible about watching these two duke it out while Tie fighters rain blaster fire from above and the ATST walkers blast their way through the Rebel ranks.

As one of the most exciting games of the last decade, this game really delivers on both excitement and gameplay, and when it is released on November 17th  I am sure the gaming world will be set on fire with its stunning visuals and intense gameplay.




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