STAR SAVERS: Capricorns are savviest savers, while Scorpios rack up the debts

Brits’ propensity to save money might just be written in the stars, with Capricorns and Leos putting away the most money each month, according to a new study.

The research from leading savings site explores how astrology affects financial personalities and finds that Capricorns are the best savers, putting away an average of £193.70 each month – 48% more than Pisces, who put just £131 away over the same timeframe.


Top savers by star sign:


Zodiac sign Average amount saved each month
Capricorn £193.70
Leo £191.10
Cancer £190.40
Aries £184.40
Libra £166.90
Taurus £158.50
Aquarius £156.50
Gemini £155.10
Sagittarius £144.90
Virgo £142.40
Scorpio £132.90
Pisces £131.00


On average, just under half of the UK population worry about their financial state (47%), but it is Geminis that have the greatest concern about their finances (57%).


When it comes to managing money, three quarters of Cancerians feel they are good at keeping things under control – they save £190 each month on average, and 88% shop around to ensure they secure the best deal. Cancer is also the most charitable star sign, with just under half donating money regularly (49%) – more than every other sign.


Scorpios are the least concerned about potential debt with almost a quarter admitting (24%) that money issues don’t worry them, despite also having the more debt than any other star signs (36%).

‘Reliable’ and ‘responsible’ may be words that are often used to describe the star sign Taurus, but a quarter admit (25%) they don’t actively put away any money on a monthly basis.


Libras are the most likely to splurge, with 29% admitting they spend too much on themselves. Geminis are often described as affectionate and this is shown by the two in five (40%) who agree they spend too much on others.




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