Spring Into Sleep with Samsung

As much as the nation loves longer days and warmer weather, the changing of the seasons can really throw your body out of sync when it comes to sleep. In fact, new research from Samsung UK reveals that the sleep patterns of almost half (46%) of UK adults are impacted when it comes to this time of year.

In a bid to stay energised, over a third (34%) want to try new things to improve their sleep quality. This includes alternative techniques (30%), using tech (21%), tracking their snooze metrics (21%), but most popularly ‘sleep syncing’ (57%).

The term ‘sleep syncing’ refers to how you adjust your sleep schedule to marry with your daily routine, ensuring your body is sleeping and waking when it should be and is in line with your natural circadian rhythm. From smart lights to sound therapy to wearable technology like the Galaxy Watch5, there are many powerful tools out there to complement your sleep syncing routine, for improving that all-needed sleep quality. Using advanced sensors and algorithms, the Galaxy Watch5 can track key metrics like sleep duration, quality, and cycles, and provide tailored recommendations for optimising your sleep.

Despite the nation’s eagerness to get a better night’s kip, 64% of Gen Z and millennials aren’t sure of where to start when it comes to reviving their rest routine, so Samsung has enlisted the support of Para-athlete and sleep-fanatic, Milly Pickles, to help tired heads get their schedule back on track.

Adaptive Athlete, Milly Pickles adds:

“As a highly active individual, getting enough quality sleep is key to performing at my best. Especially as amputees burn up to 30% more calories so I get tired very easily. It’s not just about feeling rested, but also about giving my body and mind the chance to recover and recharge. Sleep syncing has really changed the way I approach my daily routine and I’ve noticed such a difference in my energy levels when I’m intentional with how and when I wind down.


I’ve been using the Galaxy Watch5 to track my sleep patterns and get personalised insights to help me get better quality sleep… it’s literally like having a personal sleep coach on my wrist!”

Milly’s top hacks for sleep syncing to beat the shift in seasons:


  • Get sunlight exposure in the morning – Go on a walk. Doing this helps reset your body’s inner ‘sleep clock’ and resets your circadian rhythm. Light is a super important cue that helps your body figure out when it is best to sleep.
  • Avoid blue light at night – It negatively impacts your body’s ability to produce melatonin which is the hormone that makes you feel sleepy.
  • Create a sleep syncing routine that is tailored to you – I used to struggle with my night routine but since using the ‘Sleep Coaching’ feature on the Samsung Galaxy Watch5, I get better insights into how I’m sleeping, as well as a tailored program of helpful tips on how to optimise my sleep. It’s amazing!
  • Learn all about the different sleep stages – A great book I’ve read is “Why we sleep” by Matthew Walker. Within it, you learn all about non-REM and REM sleep. Knowing about these sleep stages helps can help you understand the quality of sleep you are having.
  • Make time to wind down in the evening – The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 really helps me with this. The ‘Sleep Coaching’ feature notifies you when it’s a good time for you to start to get ready for bed, based on an analysis of your sleeping pattern. In the process of winding down, it suggests content that will help you sleep better e.g., evening stretches.

By embracing the latest ‘sleep syncing’ trend, the nation can help keep that ‘spring’ in their step as they wake feeling more energised and ready for the days ahead. Visit Milly’s TikTok channel to hear more: https://www.tiktok.com/@millypickles/video/7221617520136981766

To find out more about Samsung’s Galaxy Watch5, please visit: https://www.samsung.com/uk/watches/galaxy-watch/galaxy-watch5-44mm-sapphire-bt-sm-r910nzbaeua/


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