Spray On Nail Polish Has Arrived

Nails Inc have made the dreams of every modern woman come true with the launch of a product promising to give the world’s fastest manicure. The nail geniuses have released a varnish in the form of spray paint, much to the delight of us girls who like to change our nail colours at least three times a week.

The cans, which are currently available in neon pink and metallic silver, are £10 each and are guaranteed to give you perfectly painted manis, with half the fuss of using ordinary nail varnish. The colour is said to last up to four days but that is no issue for all the nail-colour chameleons out there.

nails inc cans

Albeit a bit messy, the game-changing new product dries instantly, giving you that salon-finish in less than half the time of your usual talon-painting session. The easy steps start with applying a base coat so that the paint sticks onto the nail, followed by a swift spray from the spray cans held a couple of inches away. After applying an optional top coat (depending on how long you want the colour to last), leave them to dry for five minutes – yes, five! You must then wash the excess off of your skin in warm, soapy water. Voila, impeccably-applied polish!

Nails Inc Ambassador and fashion icon Alexa Chung stars in the campaign and has already flaunted the silver shade on her Instagram page. The Paint Cans are on sale from today so it’s time to get to get our hands on them before they fly off the shelves.