The SportsHeads Meets: Ross Edgley – Strongman Swimming

Would you fancy swimming 40km in open water pulling a 100lb tree? Nope, neither would we, but that is exactly what Ross Edgley did.

So Ross’ plan was to swim for 40km between the Caribbean islands of Martinique and St Lucia – which sounds hard enough but then he decided to also drag a 100lb log behind him too!

Ross amazingly navigated his way through waters populated by jellyfish, sharks and large, spirit-assaulting waves. With a 15,000-calorie-a-day diet to keep him going (by the way NHS guidelines recommend 2,500 per day for adult males) and empowered by a training regime that involved being pushed to his physical and mental limits by the Royal Marines, Ross embarked on his epic adventure.

Ross tells us how below:

To watch the full series of Strongman Swimming go to:
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