Spoken Word: Today

Today I woke up perfectly in love with you,

the loose strands of my hair didn’t feel the need to sew themselves to the creased bed sheets.

I woke up so perfectly in love with you,

That butterfly wings shielded all the holes that had been bitten into my stomach by the moths.

I woke up free,

Sailing on my dreams.

My heavy heart ditched being the anchor and fell into your ocean like raindrops- Flooding your soul with all the ink I had to give.

This morning I woke up so perfectly in love with you,

That before I could even stretch,

My mind stretched further than the jagged rocks and I let my thoughts fall into pages.

I could write infinite pages about how I am so perfectly in love with you.

Perfect to the point that our souls have molded into one another,

Creating what I like to call a mix and match puzzle, But as we grew to become each other’s perfect shape,

We grew as people,

Your hair grew in music notes and your smile began to look like a piano.

Your laughter now sounds like symphonies and I’m starting to wonder if I want that to be our wedding song.

Sounds crazy I know,

But it only sounds crazy because people don’t see what I see and hear what I hear.

Looking at you is like searching the waves for rhythm and at first, it was a challenge,

But once I looked at you as my world,

As the earth,

I saw the ocean was your lifeline and all I needed to do was look for a heartbeat.

I found that in the sunlight.

The sunlight shows me the green in your eyes, and you tell me you can’t see it,

But you also tell me that I see in you what others don’t want to see.

That green shows me that nature is apart of you,

So when I began to find petals draped across my soul I had no doubt that these flowers that began to grow from within me, was a blessing from God; is a blessing from God.

Today I woke up so perfectly in love with you,

Because the sunlight broke through my curtains and all I could hear was your heartbeat.

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