Spoken Word: “I am a monster”

Inspiration for this piece was the “identity crisis” which took place in my current teenage life. I am proud to be a black, female Muslim (labels which are kindly gifted to me by society) so I decided to write a spoken word poem in order to help me understand that this is subsequently who I am, and there is nothing I can do about that. Through this spoken word, I hope to be the voice of the voiceless and to take this time to thank society for these labels.



I am a monster.

A god-loving, head covering, still discovering, human being;

big, black, monster.


Who hides her identity,

because that’s all that they see.

Clothes wrapped around my body,

and a complexion of darkness is what they’re afraid of right?

Think about it,

when was the last time you heard someone say I’m afraid of daylight?


Introduce them to me please,

I want to understand the difference and similarities.

Because the dictionary definition of white, tells me that white is the opposite of black.

But all my life I’ve been told that opposites attract,

then why is it seen as absurd for the two to interact?

Now my skin is a label given to this monster – black.


I am a monster.

A god-loving, head covering, still discovering, human being;

big, black, monster.


Whom everyone adores,

until a scarf is wrapped around my head then I am so much more.

Much more than a human being,

every time I walk inside a filled room a voice inside tells me to keep leaving, leaving, leaving.


I am a threat, danger.

Alarm bells ring around free,

a void of silence fills the empty room,

questions fill;

“what is wrong with me?”

“A woman” they say.

One who is inferior due to her inner superiority,

looked down upon because of femininity.


I am a woman,

and if that means I am a monster then let it be.

Strong, independent and free,

Then damn well they should be afraid of me.

For we are all human, women.

We are the greatest army.


I am a woman.

A God-loving, head covering, still discovering, human being.

Strong, black, woman.

Then a monster I shall be.



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