Sony unveils a Walkman for the 21st century

Many of us remember the days of popping our favourite CD into our Walkman and jamming out on our way to school or drowning out the sound of our peers once there. Sony has recently unveiled a Walkman with a sleek, modern look with an audio resolution we could have only dreamed about during our childhood.


Even if you’re listening to a lower quality CD recording or a heavily compressed MP3 file, the Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX technology makes all of the music in your collection high-resolution. Even the music you downloaded off of Napster all those years ago will sound pristine coming through your headphones and you can feel like you’re finally attending that S Club 7 concert like you wanted to.

The Walkman A15 is the smallest and lightest high-resolution digital music player with up to 30 hours of listening time making it easy to shove in your pocket and go. Even if you need your whole music library from when you were aged 7 to now, you can do that no problem with the 16GB of space the Walkman A15 has. If that proves insufficient, SD cards can be purchased to expand your listening experience.

Whether you’re listening to new age electronica, rockabilly, or shoegaze, the Walkman A15 is the perfect companion for long travel journeys or simply dancing around the house.

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